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    Raceface Turbine Dropper: Randomly brake stuck open

    I know the net is littered with Raceface Dropper issues. Mine has worked fine for the past year. I stopped riding the other day and adjusted the barral adjuster ONE CLICK just to make sure the lever on the handlebar had the 2-3mm of play...and the seat popped up. Won't stay down now. The brake seems to be stuck where it will not engage. You can just push the seat down and it pops right back up to full up.

    Heres what I did:

    1.) I took it apart, adjusted everything properly according to Raceface troubleshooting. No luck.
    2.) Put a new cable. Adjusted properly. No luck.
    3.) Attempted to "reset" the brake according to Raceface. Nothing!

    Has anyone run into this issue? It holds air fine. However the internal brake will not engage to keep the seat at a certain spot. It just goes full up.

    There is zero info on the web regarding the rebuild of this dropper other than a small bit on re-lubing.

    Any feedback would be great!

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    Don't know where you're at with your issue, but I have the same model bought in 2018 and mine was not returning completely to the top position, initially I lubed the post, adjusted the barrel adjuster and those tweaks seemed to work for a while but now no matter what it doesn't return fully. The reason is it's leaking air. I followed Race Face Troubleshooting videos on YouTube and started with checking the pressure, which was 0. Put about 35 psi and activated the lever, the seatpost shot right up to its top position no problem. Let it sit overnight, checked this morning, the post wouldn't return fully: psi 0. Redid the whole song and dance and went for a ride. I could tell it wasn't returning fully (my knees hurt when I sit lower and pedal). Checked Race Face website for their warranty policy, contacted my online store and they just told me the warranty is one year on that thing so I'm SOL. Ain't that awesome?
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