• 05-30-2019
    Poll: Help with most comfortable saddle for extended rides?
    Poll: Help with most comfortable saddle for extended 4 hour rides?

    • Ergon SM Pro
    • Specialized Phenom Pro
    • Fabric Scoop
    • Specialized Power
    • SDG Bel Air 2
  • 05-30-2019
    I’ve ridden the ergon and fabric. Likes the ergon more. Always go back to a WTB volt though.
  • 05-30-2019
    This poll is invalid.

    The correct answer is the one you like best (which may not be on this list, and honestly probably isn't on the list).

    Saddle preferences are intensely personal. You're going to find people who loved or hated each of those saddles you posted. There are a few measuring devices/systems out there that can help you choose a saddle, but they don't tell the whole story and don't guarantee that you'll love the one you buy. The only way to figure out what you like is to try some saddles and use what you like. Some companies offer saddle demos. Sometimes you just have to buy a few before you find what you like. There's no perfect system here, either.
  • 05-30-2019
    This is like asking what the best shoe size is.

    Seriously, everyone’s @$$ is different.

    Different people like different shapes, widths, and firmness. Also, some saddle are better for people who sit with their pelvis tilted forward and other for people more upright.
  • 05-30-2019
    Forest Rider
    Maybe it will be helpful if you share your experiences -which have you had that you dislike, or like. Then people have something to go by.

    For example, if you have ridden the Ergon and enjoyed it, those with a similar experience can say what they have found they like better than an Ergon. Similarly, if we have ridden the Ergon and hated it, we sure won't recommend one similar to Ergon since 'we' think it sucks.

    I get what you're asking -in general which is best but everybody is different. Sort of.

    I mean I've had 4 bikes, 5 seats. One of them was not at all comfortable, the rest are fine. That seems to somewhat realistically imply that each of the stock seats I've had are moderately comfortable for most people, or at least a lot of people. I haven't read many posts saying "my bike came stock with the worst seat ever". Some say that, yes, but it's not a daily new thread like many other topics are.
  • 05-30-2019
    Meh- whatever works / fits appropriately.

    I have a mix of Selle Italia, Morgaw and Fitzik saddles that have all faired well with my undercarriage on rides approaching 100 miles pedaling per day.

    It is best to measure your sit bones accurately to obtain a saddle with the proper width for your particular specifications... (a piece of cardboard and chalk can do the job).

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  • 05-30-2019
    Yup, asses are like snowflakes.
  • 05-30-2019
    Selle Itailia Turbo for me. Or whatever fits *your* butt.
  • 05-30-2019
    The most comfortable one is the one I don't think about while riding.
  • 05-30-2019
    Yes. It's obviously a very personal thing. That said, I don't know anyone who has a Specialized saddle of one sort or another who would not say it's the best saddle they have ever had.

    I have a few of them, which I bought after my sit bones were measured (and re-measured each time). My favourite is the original Power (NOT the Power Arc). It's like sitting on a plank but damn, I love that saddle. If you favour a more traditional shape with a longer nose, the Phenom is another winner (which I also have).

    Whatever works best FOR YOU is the best choice. The good thing about the Specialized saddles is that you can return them within 30 days, no questions asked, if you don't like them. At least that's the case with my LBS.