Orange bike building desperate seeking help on building. | Retrobike

Ok so I have a 16inch orange msisle frame. I'm trying to find out measurements and what parts to buy.

I previously owned a 14inch Msisle. I'm trying to build a similar bike.

Handlebars: Acor
Stem: Acor
Headset: Cane creek
Break:Rear hope mini M3
Wheels: Halo 24inch
Tyres:Crazy Bob
Crankseity Vendetta

Ok sorry I'm aware this is a long post please ask me to clarify or if written that badly help me re_write.

New build.
Here's what I have/know and ?? For needing advise.

Frame: Orange Msisle 16inch
Wheels: halo SOS 24inch

Headset: 1/8th A head
Do I require spacers?

Handlebars: 31.1 or 24.4

Forks 1/8th straight?
(? How do I measure for top tube fit?)

Cranks: Shimano. I would like to buy components for single speed set up. I had deity vendetta would like same but can not find for sale.
What do I need? Sprockets recommend ?? I've seen a deity termite?

Breaks: I have a set of anchor but would like hope M3
Do I need rotors? How do I measure?

So in short:
I need sizing. Fit, and recommend parts.
Please help.