New Mountainbiker: Seat Upgrade-
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    New Mountainbiker: Seat Upgrade

    After putting some miles on my Trance Advance 29 2, I am really wanting a more comfortable seat for long distance riding.

    All of my riding is done on pavement so I never really need to take my arse off the seat.

    With that being said, any recommendations on more comfortable seat for longer rides?

    Btw, I do ride with a set of bike shorts and have adjusted the seat to an optimal riding position for me. However, after 45 minutes of riding, I find myself wanting to stand up for a few then sit back down.

    Advice would be most appreciated!

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    Try to test ride a flat saddle like the SQLab 611 ergowave.

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    Unless someone here has the same exactly seat bones as you do, can't really recommend. Unfortunately, because everyone is different, either get a fit or it's pretty much trial and error.

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    charge spoon comfort plus
    Bucksaw, Farley, and a Sturgis....

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    When I ride my road bike, I stand up to give my rear a rest quite often. Nothing wrong with "stand up for a few then sit back down".

    Ride what you want but that is an odd choice for a pavement only bike.
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    saddle fit depends on the rider's body. no one can recommend a saddle for you.

    that said, I've never used a saddle that allows me to just sit and pedal for hours. even on a road bike, you have to stand up and let blood flow under your butt once in a while. if you want a saddle that allows you to just sit and sit and sit, you need a recumbent bike.

    unrelated, but I'm curious about why you're riding such an aggressive long-travel trail bike for road riding. you probably have a good reason, but it's unusual.

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    Thanks for the replies..

    Regarding the weirdness of the long travel mountain bike for pavement, it comes down to a what the heck moment.

    A buddy of mine has a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp that he rides around on our bumpy paved roads and I figured I would join him. The bike was most definitely a want rather than a need!

    As far as a seat goes, I deiced to order a WTB Rocket 150mm seat to try out. The way I look at it, anything has to be more comfortable than the stock seat Giant supplied with the bike!

    Lastly, if bikes were not so hard to get right now, I would have probably looked for something in the 100mm travel range. However, when the Trance became available, I jumped on it.


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    Seat size/shape is going to play a bigger role than "just getting a better seat". I rode my stock Giant Talon seat for a month to make sure I adjusted to riding a bike seat. But after a month and it not getting tons better (it did, but it still wasn't right) I grabbed a wider seat for $35 from my LBS. Thats all it took. One ride and I was way more comfortable.

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    The WTB Rocket is a saddle that fits a lot of riders. The WTB Pure V is slightly wider and was the most comfortable saddle I could find.

    I rode a friends bike that had an Infinity Seat saddle and was hooked. The only saddle I have ever sat on that gets more comfortable the longer you sit on it. I'm glad it had a cover on it when I tried it because there is no way in hell I would have tried it because it looks positively uncomfortable and just wrong. I bit the bullet and bought one. I know four other people with this saddle and everyone loves it.
    I think they are way over priced but then again, I have chased the elusive saddle before and would buy another one. They know the value of their product.

    As I have said, the WTB Pure V is my backup but its only a 35 mile saddle, then I want off.
    I do not know how well this saddle would hold up off road to heavy use. I still don't like the way it looks. The whole damned center is missing.

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    Most comfy saddle I've ever used is the one that came on my Trek Full Stache...

    Or maybe, it's just the plus tires!?

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