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    More comfortable saddle?

    Sorry this questions probably been asked a million times. I have a giant Trance 2 2014. I know your ass gets used to the seat the more you ride, but I went on a 2 hour ride the other day and my ass was so sore I couldn't even sit on the seat towards the end of the ride. I'm 35 years old so no spring chicken. The giant came with a 'Giant contact upright'. I like the shape of it, but just want something with more padding, and perhaps a bit longer at the back. Don't care what it costs, I would pay hundreds of dollars not to experience that agony again.

    I've have had the bike for 6 years and used to ride it a lot, without a problem but haven't ridden in a couple of years now. I am a bit more old and frail compared to before

    I am a man, 183cm, slim and I was feeling pain equally on my ass bones and the spot between my ballsack and anus. I just ride for exercise, and would ride for maybe 2 hours max. I do like to push it though.

    If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Look into a WTB Rocket.. DNA foam or Gel.
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    Went through a lot of saddles before ending up with SQLabs. Took weight off of the sensitive goods and support sit bones really well.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, may I ask which SQ Labs saddle you went for? Also, trying to measure my seat bone width, I got 123cm. Do you think that sounds about right for a tall slim bloke (184cm/6ft1) 80kg body weight?

    What width saddle does that equate to?

    Thanks again for your advice.
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    Almost = Didn't

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    padding doesn't always translate to long term saddle comfort...sometimes the opposite

    most comfortable saddle I ever used was a carbon fiber sheet type. super hard but super comfortable...they just tend to destruct when you take a digger so I can't afford to have 20 of them laying around for when I wreck one in a crash

    I use selle italia flite road bike saddles on all my bikes, works for me.
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    WTB saddles have a reasonable amount of padding. Ive always had some version of the rocket, but my current one is a pivot branded Vigo. Very good saddles

    And if you think you are old at might be in the wrong place...

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    If you haven't been riding in a while, it takes some shorter rides to get your ass used to it again. (Lol)
    That said, seats can get hard sitting in a garage for 6 years.

    And finally, some shops have a seat fitting"tool" to help get you on the right one.

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    Your sit bone measurement seems reasonable. Did you do the cardboard/chalk method? You would add 20-25mm to that to get a general idea of saddle width. Saddle fit is very personal though. What works for me probably won't help you. It's strange that the saddle used to be fine. Perhaps it will get better as you get back into riding shape. I know it takes me some time after a long winter.

    I personally don't like heavily padded saddles, I do wear padded shorts though. They make a big difference and have become more necessary with age.

    If you decide to try a new saddle call your LBS. My local Specialized shop lets you try them and then swap it out if it doesn't work for you. I don't know if that is specific to the shop or Specialized. Worth looking into.

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    As others noted, fit your butt, all the gel and padding in the world will not help if your bones are not bearing the weight properly. If the seat is the wrong length and thickness, you will get chaffing, or just not be comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert297 View Post
    I am a man, 183cm, slim and I was feeling pain equally on my ass bones and the spot between my ballsack and anus. I just ride for exercise, and would ride for maybe 2 hours max. I do like to push it though.
    Um, if you have a ballsack, we're pretty sure you're a man. No need to expound. But I guess you never know these days *cough* Bruce Jenner *cough*
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    I find Charge Cooker saddles to fit well with my sit bones.

    If I were you I'd go into an LBS w/ a large variety of bikes and make out you're looking for a new whip (N+1)

    Have a good sit down on several bikes, they might even let you pedal around the carpark.

    Make note of the seat you like and order one online.

    NB, if you're real hunglow - you could ask 'can I just take the seat? '

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