This will be long.

I figured out out I needed to raise my seat height. Raised it up about 1 3/8”. I was too cramped but had a knee surgery so all my form is out of whack.

After raising it, the post wouldn’t lock. It would lower if you sat on it, raise back up on its own. Thumb paddle didn’t work. Tried pulling the post afterwards. Couldn’t get it out of the frame. Had to pull the paddle off the handle bars to get to the cable in the paddle with a Dremel cut off wheel. Then I could pull the seat post out.

Bought two new cables ( just in case ) new Klein wire rope side cutters and put it back together. Same issue. Post won’t lock up. I know I have too much slack now in the cable. I measured the 17mm for the barrrel nut from the end of the housing. Now the housing is kinked about an inch from the post mechanism. It works if the post is out of the frame?

However depending on which time I pull the post, it’s either locked up tight, or won’t lock at all. I viewed the park tool video. Everything looked simple. I’d of lost all my hair over this, but I’m already bald!