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    Long droppers- what are the benefits?

    160mm+ Who's got em?

    After riding a long dropper for a while I'm curious what other people's impressions are about theirs.

    What are the benefits of a long dropper?
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    Iím running a 185mm dropper on my GG Smash.
    150mm on my Honzo, which was my first dropper and prompted me to want the longer one when I got the Smash ó and I love it.
    So much so, in fact, that my upcoming custom 29+ hardtail will be outfitted with a 210mm dropper.
    Iím 6í2Ē tall. IMO when it comes to droppers, the longer the better.

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    Slammed all the way down to the top of the seat tube, all the way up to operational height?

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    Just to play devilís advocate, in terms of cons, depending on the post, the longer they are, the slower they are, and the more likely they are to cause saddle rub on extreme compression. I have had a LONG dropper that was a tad too long when fully sunk, so for some itís not a good option, depending on the frame and your anatomy. Not that it matters to most/all, but on resale, extremely long droppers may limit your market (if the buyer doesnít want max extension to be too high), although I get that most donít care about resale.
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    Went from 185mm to 210mm and noticed a big difference. Even at 185 dropped I was still using the saddle on my inner leg to initiate turns. Did not realize this until going to 210. It's relative to your inseam and seat tube height (to state the obvious) but until the seat is completely out of the way will you notice how much more mobility/articulation it affords.
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    Iíve got a 170 Reverb on my 5010 and a 185 Revive on my Ripmo. They both do the job nicely on the steep stuff where all you can do is hold on and keep your weight back.
    If you can fit a 200 or more, why wouldnít you? I donít see any negatives except for weight and expense.

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    175 Lev Ci on my Ripmo, had one on my Ripley as well and my previous ripmo before that (yeah I have an Ibis problem). No downsides aside from the aforementioned possibility of hitting your ass with the rear tire, especially riding a 29er. That's a scary situation that seems like it causes a lot of high speed disastrous OTBs.

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    Fit the longest dropper you can.

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