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    keyed components

    This isn't a question about a specific product but more of a general bike parts related question. Why aren't more components "keyed", as in having a groove in one piece which is fitted to a protuberance in another? While doing maintenance on a dropper post (which is keyed), it suddenly hit me that more components could benefit from being keyed which would GREATLY simplify things for many people. How about keying seatposts into frames or stems onto steerer tubes? Have you ever sat on a bike that just didn't feel "right" only to realize the bars were misaligned by only like 1mm? or go to raise or lower your seatpost and then find it wasn't perfectly aligned before retightening the bolts? I know that for many of us with an eye for details, it is not a huge deal just to align things right but I know there are many out there who could absolutely benefit from this and Im just curious if there is a valid reason why this hasn't already become a thing. (I can sort of see the ability for a component to rotate instead of breaking in the event of a crash but I'm not entirely sure how effective that really is ... or in different terms, would an increase of strength by 10% negate this benefit? 15%? 35%?)

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    Most likely manufacturing costs and tradition. Coming from a lean and Six sigma background and working in a manufacturing environment, we always look for ways to simplify things so I certainly understand your thoughts.

    Also, can you imagine trying to standardize something like that across the industry??

    Valid points though IMO.

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    The ability to rotate on crash as to avoid damage to bike and components, and to prevent injury to yourself is necessary.
    Also, for the keyed components to have any real value the tolerances would have to be tight and would have to be the same with all manufacturers. Thing is, current companies can't even adher to their owns tolerances, imagine trying to implement tight tolerances across the industry. Take for example all the creaks and low bearing mileage caused from bad manufacturing and bad tolerances on the BB shell and/or the BB.
    The probability that you would end up with a seat that would not point forward no matter what you did because the key, or the spline, or both were out of alignment and tolerances would be high.

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