Help with Dropper? Sticking remote-
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    Help with Dropper? Sticking remote

    I just got a new (used, but new to me) bike with a trans-x dropper post. I don't love the dropper, but the price was right, so I didn't think much about it.

    Seat is a little too high for me, but when I go to lower the seat (entire unit) it changes the slack/tension relationship in the housing, and the remote will get stuck in the down position resulting in a pogo stick seat post. To clarify, when I say "lower entire unit" I mean lowering the whole thing by unclamping and lowering the entire dropper within the seat tube.

    When I put the entire unit back to its original height, it once again works fine.

    I would think that as I lower the unit in the seat tube, I should then pull that much housing out through the routing port, and as long as I match those it should work, but no dice.

    Has anyone had this happen, and what was your solution?

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    It sounds like a binding issue. Put the post at the desired height and then pull the cable housing out from where it enters the frame. Your cable will be slightly longer now and you may have to shorten the cable and housing.
    EXODUX Jeff

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