1.Uninstall 2 upper Allen key screws that hold gas cartridge..
2.. Unscrew lower post retainers by hand ..anti clockwise..and bottom gas cartridge housing anti clockwise..#
3.Pull gas cartridge out at bottom and give top Seatpost a pull and it'll release from lower housing..
4.Two vibration clips needed to be accounted.
5.Now my fix ..use old stantion bushings.. cut and grind so they fit where vibration clips were held..
I crazy glued them in place and with Dremel shaped them so upper seatpost would slid into lower Seatpost housing..
6. The secret ..
as post runs on track the aluminum track wears and a slight side to side twist developes..
Making a piece cut exactly like seat track but a little bigger on each side takes away the twisting motion..
Mine works great and using stantion bushing hack should last ..Problem crazy glue isn't the best .
It's what I had access for sticking homemade clips...
Hopefully I can post my pictures
Someone can message me on posting pictures to view Seatpost fix
Tim McDroid