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    Flexx handlebars.

    Not a bad idea:


    I can see all sorts of practical benefits -- for rigid riders especially. But also in being able to more easily produce a bar that's swept beyond the standard 8* that most of the industry seems stuck at.

    Makes sense for bikepacking, maybe fatbiking, possibly even gravel applications.

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    I'd try those on my rigid SS bike but they would be the most expensive single part (frame included)!

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    I had a set for about 60 days. Did a couple hundred miles on them. Then sold them.

    1st. Super expensive.
    2nd. Very heavy compared to a carbon bar.
    3rd. Meh. I could feel it but...not really. The best I can explain it, it felt like my tire pressure was low. Which was disconcerting at first. You get used to it and then the handlebar just disappears and becomes just another component. Having gone back to a normal carbon bar, I can't say I miss it.

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    I tried a set of the dirtybike version on my old 300.
    Flexbars get a giant “meh” from me.
    It’s really an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist if you set/valve your suspension correctly.

    *currently, my only mtb is rigid, and I just did a week of bikepacking this fall...so I know it’s suspension is rock solid.

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    Thanks to both of you for chiming in with real world experience.

    Cost relative to perceived benefit seems low, although I seem to be experiencing a period of rapid deceleration when it comes to riding. I still love to get out, but the harder and longer I ride one day, the more I suffer that night and through the next day. Hard to string together back-to-back days of hard riding anymore.

    I've learned that the more supple my tires and suspension are, the more this can be mitigated. Smallest tires I run now are 29 x 3.0. Least amount of suspension is 5 x 5", and it's set soooooper supple on top. 120tpi tires, typically run at 15psi max. Carbon bars, smooshy grips -- that sort of thing. Have even gotten to where I'm running Berd spokes on 2 of my bikes because they make a noticeable difference in compliance.

    Simply put, 10 years ago I'd never have had these on my radar. But life changes, and you do what you have to to adapt.

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