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    Ergon GE1 Evo vs GA3

    Anyone running either one of these Ergon grips?

    As I work on my bike fit one thing I have been battling is numb hands after a long ride.

    Was thinking of trying either the GE1 Evo or GA3

    Would like to know how these grips are with All mountain type riding.

    Currently running the pamela handersons that came with my Evil Offering.

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    I've used both grips and ultimately stick with the GA3. I liked them so much I went ahead and purchased two more sets one for my wife and daughter.

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    I use the GA3s. I find that they help with hand numbness. As many have mentioned with winged grips, angle of the wing is important as small adjustments in the wing angle can make big differences on the effectiveness of combating hand numbness.

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    I use 1 of each...after shattering my left hand last year.
    I love the feel of the GE1s....but my left hand needs a little more support under the outside of my palm, so I run a GA on the left and GE on right.

    For races longer than 4 hours I run both GA ....or GS2 when it's over 6 hours for the extra hand position of the bar end .

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    I have GA3's on my XC bike, and GA2's (close to the GE1's) on my trail bike. I like the GA3's, and they work on my XC bike where I tend to stay pretty much in the same position as I ride. They seem to help with hand fatigue on that bike. But they didn't work as well on my trail bike where I move around changing body position for climbs and drops, dropping seat, etc. The GA2's work much better in that situation (for me anyway). I don't experience hand fatigue on the trail bike since I move around more on it, and it's more of a slack riding position.
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    I've run Ergon grips and they are really good. About the only drawback I've found are fragile endcaps.

    The GE1 Factory grips are my favorite for all types of trail riding. AM to XC. For different hand positions, and climbing grip they are great. The pattern feels great even on bare hands, even when a bit damp.

    The GA2 Fats are what I've just started to run on my DH rig. The extra cush is nice on the hand for rough, high speed trails.

    Also, I have a pair of those flared out Ergon I use on a flat bar touring bike. Nice.

    Ran Ourys for probably 15 plus years, and the are great, but have a downside or two, so I've moved on to Ergon.

    Ergon saddles are nice too, btw. I think they make good stuff.

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