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    Emergency and text communicator

    I found this recently----I plan on getting a device for mountaineering but would also carry it on the bike-----I am aware of the garmin mini but this looks interesting.

    Does anyone have one of these


    Outdoor labs did a review


    Last year 2 friends got airlifted for bike wrecks so thinking this is a decent idea especially as I backpack and hike alone some

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    Most of these require a monthly service plan. There's a better option. Look up 'personal locator beacon'. They run about $250, require no monthly plan, and are good for years before battery needs to be replaced. One time use only, but that's insignificant if you need to use it.

    ResQLink are the ones I speak of.

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    the locator beacons do not allow texting which would be good on long multi day trips to give updates so not ideal for me-like to let the family know where I am and for sure to alert them if I am say a day behind--note the yearly plan for this new device is $100 so not bad for a year at least for me.

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    I fondly remember the time when there was only snail mail and pay phones. Oh well...

    Garmin inReach has reviewed well. Of course somebody has to pay for the satellites so there is a subscription fee.

    Here's a review of the device:


    Here's the subscription fees:

    Do the math.

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    I have and use a Garmin InReach as I do a lot of alpine riding and bikepacking where there is no cell service as well as Backcountry elk hunting and Backcountry snowboarding. There are pros and cons to most every device, but itís a solid piece of mind and allows your close friends and family to get in touch with you.

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