Downsides to shimmed seat tube and downsizing dropper diameter?-
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    Downsides to shimmed seat tube and downsizing dropper diameter?

    Hey all,

    After 2+ years of flawless service my 150mm 34.9mm KS Lev Integra finally gave up on me and needs a rebuild. Plan on doing that and either keeping as a spare or selling as I'd like to get back up and running more quickly and also use the opportunity for a possible weight improvement.

    I was planning on going with a KS Lev CI as I had good luck with the Integra, but was also considering Bikeyoke given all the great reviews. That said, neither is offered in a 34.9mm diameter, so I would have to shim my seat tube.

    Couple questions relating to that:

    1 - No worries with a quality shim and proper torque correct?
    2 - Anyone have experience with smaller diameter posts offering reduced reliability?

    If reliability isn't notably reduced I would probably go smaller (30.9 vs 31.6) just because of some (minimal) additional weight savings and flex for my stiffass carbon Honzo. Plus I figure I won't find myself with a new frame that has a 30.9 tube that my 31.6 dropper doesn't fit in.

    Any big flaws to this logic?

    Appreciate any thoughts,


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    I used a problemsolver shim on my carbon frame. 31.6 shimmed down to 30.9 with no issues. If carbon frame just remeber carbon fiber paste

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    BikeYoke does have the Revive MAX with 34.9mm, and 125/160/185mm drop.
    Link for the BikeYoke page:

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    Also, you can swap the lowers between the 30.9 and the 31.6 versions on the Revive. You just need to get the new lower you want and swap them.

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    Some manufacturers might void the warranty, if Iím not mistaken.

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