cinch oval for stumpy

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  • 01-28-2019
    cinch oval for stumpy
    I just bought my first full suspension bike. A new old stock 2018 stumpy with raceface cinch crank and sram gx 28 x 10-42.

    I want to make life easier on the knees. I have heard that oval chainrings can do that.

    Ive never ran an oval before so i dont know if it will be easier overall to turn or the same!?! Specifically, how much easier?

    Thinking to order a 28 absolute black cinch oval.

    my hardtail is gx eagle 28 tooth and i wore out 10th gear in 4 months (sweet spot). Got more out of the 50t than the 10t.

    Are there differences between the full suspension vs hardtail that should be factored in that might change the gearing i want? eg. They do have a 26t option but i wonder if that changes suspension tuning negatively (less pedal bob is preferred)

    Is this the best oval option for me and the bike?

    thanks for your input!
  • 01-28-2019
    Once you go Oval you'll never go round...

    I rate them & use them on all bikes I've owned.

    Easier on the knees. Easier on technical climbs.

    'Born to ride!'
  • 02-07-2019
    A/C in Az

    Originally Posted by Fuse6F View Post
    Is this the best oval option for me and the bike?

    You should get less bobbing with oval because you will be more consistently applying power to the drivetrain.

    The advantage of this system is easier to install and less costly chainrings in the future.

    I'm running it on my Stache with Race Face cinch cranks
  • 02-09-2019
    The wife and I have been running Wolf Tooth ovals for the past year and we both really like them.
  • 02-10-2019
    I love my oval rings, been on them since they came out and won't ever go back.

    One thing you mentioned, is it different for hardtail vs full suspension, the answer is yes. Full suspension bikes are typically built around a certain chainring size/range, that being said I've used 28-36 tooth rings on my full suspension and never found a weird thing. It's highly unlikely you'd notice but if your really concerned reach out to the bike mfg.

    What happens is you go outside the range is you could find the bike bobs more or gets stiffer depending on if you go bigger or smaller. Smaller could result in more bob, larger rings the opposite.

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  • 05-15-2019
    Thanks for the earlier comments everyone.

    Ride update.

    Well i started out riding the new sj bike to see just what it was like. I found the 11spd sram group to be okay. But i really missed that low gear of the eagle. After a few weeks where i got in a 30km ride and some decent shorter rides with small climbs, i finally got the nerve to tear down and bolt up the oval. Man did it feel wonky. Your feet almost fly off the pedals coming over the top. What really surprised me was that it compensated for the 11-42 cassette and made it easy to climb stuff. Felt like i had a 50 back there. So rather than dropping 500$ to swap out for 12spd i am happy to say i get by just fine now after dropping only 65 ish.

    I'm 66 and lugging 260lbs up those hills. I think its worked out great.

    Wont be going back to round!

    I Chose a 28t oval to replace the stock 28t. So i wouldnt have to mess w setup or chain length etc.

    In the future... I think a 11-46 cassette w a 30t oval might suit me better as its pretty easy to spin out and i find the gear gaps a bit smaller than i would like. But that will have to wait.