Can I slide my seat anymore forward?-
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    Can I slide my seat anymore forward?

    Just curious on the conventional thoughts on acceptable seat placement. Toying with the ideal of moving further forward. Are seats designed to go till the end of the rails or will that be an issue if I overweight the nose?

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    I do it all the time, have done so since '94 when I began employing extra-length cranks. Never bent a saddle's rails by sliding it all the way forward. I prefer a steep STA.

    I weigh ~220# kitted & ready to ride.

    FWIW I've seen plenty of seat rails bent the other way, by guys who slide their saddles all the way back and then sit back there. Meanwhile nobody spends much time sitting on the skinny & uncomfortable nose of a saddle. Only time I do is when I'm climbing something wicked steep and need to weight the rear wheel even as I weight the front.

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    If you have a 9Point8 post you can now get a forward offset head.
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    I've seen saddles break...but never come across anyone breaking a saddle from specifically being too far forward.

    Fizik had (or still has) a "29er specific" saddle called the Thar. It has some really long rails that'll allow you to super slam the saddle forward.

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    I've extended my saddles forward and rearward of max warning labels over the years. Never had an issue other than early versions of dropper posts sticking a little with weight being offset when trying to drop 'em. Hasn't been a problem with newer droppers.
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    I've seen lots of saddle rails broken or bent from being too far back but never from being too far forward. The bulk of the weight is towards the rear of the saddle.
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    As others have mentioned, I've had a few rails and seat hardware challenged by being too far back. Being 6'4" I have always had to slide them back and the seat/hardware is a weak link for me. If moving forward, as long as you have the entire length of the upper and lower clamping assembly contacting the seat rails I would think you will be fine.'re less likely to be putting a huge amount of force on the narrow front nose of the seat because it will probably HURT!
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    Thanks for the info everyone. Shifted forward with about a cm to spare. From my own and most others experience I find it hard to believe it’s taken till recently to see some nicely steepend seat angles. Glad they’re finally getting the memo though.

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