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    Brooks Saddle

    Wife and I are considering converting to Brooks saddles on our MTBs. Wondering how many of you rock a Brooks saddle and how do you like it? Pictures would be great too!
    2013 Trek EX8 blue/white

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    I grabbed a new Brooks on sale some weeks ago. Itís an All Weather B15, carved. So far so good though Iíll admit to not enough saddle time to truly assess. No break in required like the traditional, leather saddles. Weather proof is nice. It flexís rather than pads. Iíd have preferred a B17 and if I ever spring for a fattie, thatís what Iíll put on it. Fit and finish on anything Brooks is always Grade A.

    ETA that Iíve got it on a Stump Jumper. And....I canít hit the trails like I usta could so my riding is relatively mild.

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    I have tried a B17 and the all weather. Was not comfortable on the all weather. Stuck with the B17 a long time but never got comfortable. As usual, it is a personal thing. You have to try it yourself

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    Which Brooks? I wanted to like the Cambium saddles based on how well theyíre made but they just never fit right; C15 and C17. For that kind of cost I couldnít justify not loving the fit. The other consideration is some people complain getting off the back is difficult. I personally didnít find that true with the Cambium, but itís shaped differently than B15 or 17. No experience with those. That said, you and your wife are best served with saddles that fit well and which allow you to move around, no matter the company. If thatís Brooks, go for it.

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    I have been using the Brooks C17 in my mountain bikes since Brooks came out with them 5 or 6 years ago. Installed on Trek Fuel 9.8 and Trek Farley 9.6. Several thousand miles of comfort.

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    Have used a leather B17 for about 9 years. First on my Stumpjumper and now on my Norco Torrent. Once broken in, it is my most comfortable saddle. Just be sure to use some mink oil or similar leather conditioner to keep it water resistant.

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    I've got Brooks on all my bikes , can't conceive sitting on anything else.
    They take time to break In but once they do , nothing compare.

    I have a Swift Ti on the MTB and Fatbike.
    Got the C13 on the road bike and Swallow on the City bike

    For me , the B17 is too big/large , like always with saddles : it's a personal thing.

    BTW , Brooks offer "re-leathering" for a fix cost (90 pound) I've sent my 20 year old Swift Ti that was worn out.
    Another thumbs up for long lasting/recyclable products.
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