Brand X Ascend II question-
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    Brand X Ascend II question

    The Ascend II dropper post has the external cable housing at the base. Do you guys know if this housing can be rotated around the post so I can place it anywhere I want?

    Every picture I've seen has this housing at around 10 o'clock position.


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    I purchased one of these droppers last week - and have been pi**ed at Chain Reaction ever since. Neither the image provided on their site, nor the write-up, describes how annoying it is to have a mechanism sticking out and rubbing your leg as you pedal! All of the online reviews are for the internally routed unit, so it never gets mentioned.

    Communicated with Chain Reaction and their reply was to - get this - "sell it to someone else in order to recoup your money" !!!

    Such amazing customer service...

    I have seen one - and only one - mention of a possibility of disassembling the unit, rotating the actuator mechanism 180 degrees, and reassembling it, but I've not been able to communicate with the poster of that missive in order to learn how this disassembly / reassembly is carried out.

    I've this post apart to the extent of removing the bottom cap, but have not tried twisting what appears to be its two main parts, for fear of busting something.

    Sent email to the manufacturer (while it's labeled "Brand-X", it's actually manufactured by TranzX) in the hope of getting support - though I'm sure that the process will void the warranty...

    In short, the externally routed version of this dropper is an engineering fiasco! If you have legs any thicker than twiggy, your thigh will rub the dropper post actuator mechanism and you will be one angry rider!

    Andrew Drouin
    South Okanagan Trail Alliance

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    Interesting, I don't have that issue at all and I suspect that is why none of the write-ups mentioned it as a problem. I can't imagine how you are riding with your legs that close in to the seat post unless you try to control the bike by squeezing the saddle/frame with your legs. I prefer skinny saddles as my thighs will rub if I ride one with a wider nose. My legs aren't twiggy.
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