Best dropper remote to use when you have a front shifter-
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    Best dropper remote to use when you have a front shifter

    My bike has a KS Lev dropper with the stock remote that I have never been a fan of. Thinking about replacing both the dropper post and the remote. Here's the thing. I'm currently running 2x11 drivetrain that I'm happy with. Looking for a good remote that works well without interfering with the front shifter. In my limited research, I've found the Wolftooth barcentric remote.
    This one-
    Anybody have experience with this remote?
    Is there any other remote available that I should be giving consideration to?
    Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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    Excellent question; I am thinking about building up a bike with 2x11...Iíve had the same thoughts.

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    I have the KSGL. It has a similar design as the WolfTooth version you posted.

    My post came with the carbon version which is overkill in my book, but KS makes an alloy version for about $40.

    PNW makes a similar one for about $30.

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    My bike came with and still has the KS KGP remote.

    Quite honestly, I equate it to a steaming pile of hot garbage. With the short lever and the pivot point above the bars, it just feels to me like it is in an unnatural position and doesn't offer good leverage. The Wolftooth barcentric remote seems as though it is in a better position for easier actuation, more similar in feel to the under bar Wolftooth lever ( ) that's on my 1x fatbike. It also seems like you would have better leverage using it because it's, well.... barcentric. Having never tried one, I could be wrong about that.

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    Yeah. Those are all pretty similar, little flippers that push down. I generally find those harder to actuate and less ergonomic than paddles types.

    One option is to mount an under-bar paddle type on top of the bar on the right side, or...some paddles types can be mounted above the left bar, like the:

    What, me worry?

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    Paul Components, makers of all things drool-worthy, make a dropper trigger in both 22.2 and 31.8

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    PNW Puget
    Almost = Didn't

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    I appreciate everyone's input so far. Whatever option I end up going with, I'd like to keep it under the bars where it feels most natural. That Paul Components piece, while certainly a thing of beauty, I don't think would work in conjunction with a shifter mechanism. The PNW Puget seems like a decent option. Looks to have a long enough flipper to provide some better leverage and the price is great.
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