I bought a set of Bontrager (Chester a likes) pedals from a LBS a while back for when my new bike got here. Well, I got the new bike and have about 100 miles on it. My first trail ride last weekend, I struck the pedal and it busted a chunk of pedal out and I lost a pin with it. Rode a techy trail this weekend and see I have a pin that is broken down to the nut.

Now I get pedal strikes are my fault and I need to learn this new bike. But I have Chesters on my hardtail that I rode for a year with tons of pedal strikes, and no major damage. Yes they're scratched up, yes the pins could be replaced. But thats a year of learning to mountain bike.

I'm not looking to bash Bontrager or anything. Just wondering if my assessment of these pedals is accurate. If you're wondering why I just didn't buy Chesters again...I walked in to the LBS to grab some gloves, saw these in the color I wanted and thought I'd give the $50 to the LBS.