Any way to make silicone grips feel like new again?-
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    Any way to make silicone grips feel like new again?

    I have some ESI grips that are great but I miss that tacky brand new feeling. Other than getting new ones is the a way to get that feeling back?

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    My friend likes to wash them with a water pressure machine.

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    I wash mine with soap and sponge and they look new but donít really feel new.

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    Not sure about those ESI's, but my Oury grips come back very sticky when I wash them with dish soap, literally have to peal my hands off
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    Lol...yes...get new ones.

    The firm top layer will eventually wear down. Once that does...nothing much you can do to replace that feel. I recently switched to some new ones and I was surprised on how much more firm the new ones felt. The worn down grip actually feels pretty good.

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    Grips are one of those things that are nice to replace at least once a year, makes for a fresh, clean start to the season. Same with bar tape on the road bike.
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