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    Alternative to WTB Volt?

    My WTB Volts have been the by far comfiest saddles I have ever tried. Not that I have tried that many, but still. What I don't like about them is the quality. The first saddle (MY2017 ish) have held up pretty well, but have now started creaking unreasonably much. I have tried to lube it as per interweb instructions, and while it might have been abit better it didn't eliminate sounds. The other one (MY2019) went for about 50 hours before starting to creak, and then cracked in the seam. The interweb once again told me that this is actually not very uncommon for these saddles.

    So, does anyone have a suggestion of a similar saddle that actually holds up? That is, a relatively soft but still firm saddle with that nice groove in the middle. Or to put it differently, what saddles do you guys that also like to Volt also sit comfortably on? The dicipline is trail-enduro, by the way.

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    Iíve used wtb deva with great success (currently on a volt). Iím also a guy so the whole women specific thing is meaningless.

    My friends who I know have used colts are now on that Tioga saddle and wonít look back....

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    I've completely given up on WTB saddles. They have found innumerable ways to cheapen the quality and durability of their products. I rode on the Pure V for years, but the latest version of the saddle is junk. After an excellent Odyssey of saddle experimentation (with assorted injuries and sores) last year, I have since purchased a couple of leather saddles from Selle Anatomica. Saddle comfort achievement unlocked! I am waiting on two of their new R2 vulcanized rubber waterproof saddles, with the confidence that these will work for me, unlike the Brooks cambium. And, oh so many other saddles. Good luck!

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    Saddles are one of those things that is intensely personal but also can change with different bikes. Had the Charge Spoon on multiple bikes for years and years of riding, replacing when I would break them or wear them out.

    Then this year I got a new mtb with a "modern" geometry and for some reason the new geometry and Spoon no longer worked for me (figure the steep STA). Anyways, I went through like 4 different saddles attempting to find the right one, even gave the new Ergon SM Men's saddle a try (don't recommend it at all) and eventually settled on the SQ Lab 611 Ergowave. This thing has been a game changer for me and I am absolutely in love with it. Reading through their studies on the ergonomics of saddles, pressure points, wiggle bits and whatnot I figured they really knew what they were talking about. While not the cheapest saddle, the 611 has been AWESOME. And their customer service has been awesome to boot. This is a major seller for me as I tend to ask a lot of questions on stuff (analyst by nature and profession) so if they are willing to sit through my tyraid of questions and still happily answer more, then they earn my money.

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    I used to be a fan of the Volt due the shape/size/comfort level, but went to Syncros saddles due to the longer flatter nose and now I'm on Ergon SME3. Go and sit on as many saddles as you can before picking the next one.

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