Adapter to change SPD pedals to platform-
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    Adapter to change SPD pedals to platform

    Hello folks,
    I have a bike with the Shimano M540 pedals. What I want is an adapter that can clip into the pedals to give a platform. This is for puttering around the neighborhood with my normal shoes. So far, I know of two solutions:

    1) Shimano PD-22: Plastic. I don't know if they will break or not. I think it has no float and you can't accidentally twist them out?

    2) Fly Pedals: Made in USA and not some Chinese knock-off. Metal, but you use up another SPD cleat to mount them in. It seems that these platforms will have float and can accidentally be twisted off, just as if you were using clipless shoes. Any way to prevent this?

    Any other solutions?

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    Sorry, I don't know of any other solutions that would work with your existing pedals. But if you are just puttering around the neighborhood, is it really a concern if they have float and how likely are you to accidentally twist them off? And not sure why you wouldn't have float, they don't have sharp pins so your feet can move around. If the PD-22s just snap in, I imagine it may be possible to knock them off as well but again, how likely is that?
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    A friend has the SH-PD22 and to remove the adapter he needs a screw driver, otherwise they won't come out. But you can easily install and remove them with a screw driver. And yes they don't have float, but do have some minimal play.

    Apart from the Fly Pedals, I recall some adapters that you would screw on to the pedal, but that takes time.

    The advantage of the PD22 is how fast and how cheap they are, in five seconds you can install and remove them.

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