I`m just finishing up a budget resto project on an old Bianchi 10 speed (I wouldn`t know race geometry from sport if it bit me, so I`ll just call it a 10 speed) and finally took it to work for the first time today. I have to clarify here that this was the first time I`ve ridden a "road bike" since my old Univega was stolen in `82, so it`s been a while since any tires that skinny have carried me. The 26 X 1.5 Nimbus set I have on my commuter seems pretty fast compared to the knobies on my mtb, but GOOD GRIEF- 27 X 1 1/8 Paselas put them away! If anybody heard a sonic boom about an hour ago, it was me leaving my driveway! I don`t think I could handle riding in that position for more than 45 seconds or so, but as long as I make it to work in 30 seconds... Anyway, the bike isn`t quite done yet- still needs a rear brake, bar tape, and a real stem, but it`s been interresting. Everybody have a swell day.
R y R