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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Winter Studded 700cx28mm

    So I would like to put some studded tires on my SS Roadie. The size is a 28mm and I do not think it can fit anything much bigger especially with a fender. Maybe just maybe a 30mm but it might be pushing it especially when you add knobs to the tire and studs.

    Any suggestions? I would really like to keep the fenders on especially with the salt we get around here.

    I also do not want to spend too much (Nokian) on a pair since this would be the first ride with them, it would not be so much for commuting to work but for just riding.

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    Mr Pink,

    as a winter commuter myself, i would suggest getting a different set of fenders (possibly a cheap one) and modifying it to fit with the bigger tires. or DIY your own set of fenders. i used to have a roadbike that i used for winter and made my homemade fenders. they worked well.

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    Seems like most studded 700c tires are between 35-45cm wide. I really don't think you're going to find them any narrower than that. I also don't know how practical a tire that narrow would be in winter riding conditions anyway. I would do as Kalbo suggested and look into modifying your existing fenders or fabbing something that will allow you to run wider tires. This will likely make for a safer and more enjoyable winter ride.
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    Narrowest I am aware of are 700x35. I have used the Nokians in this size while I was commuting in anchorage. Great once everything is packed and hard, but the day of new snow they are near worthless. Depending on where you live, that may work, but if you get even moderate snowfall on any regularity, you would be better off with a wider tire.

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    I've been using 32mm nokian a10s they are great for my conditions which are heavy on black ice and light on anything else.

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    Right now I'm Running 700x40 Kenda Klondikes with 100 stud per tire.
    My daily commute is 27 miles a day. I believe the bigger the tire the bigger contact patch=more traction. This year alone I've rode home in three snow storms. The Last two were significant amounts of 12 and 8 inches. Stuff that wasn't plowed was snow packed or just deep. Tire pressure is critical. The days with significant amounts I run 30psi.

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