winter grips

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  • 11-17-2014
    winter grips
    im wearing snowmobile gloves..... they are thick on the outside but thin in the palm for better feel and control... BUT snowmobiles have heated grips.

    I have thin lock on grips. I can feel the cold thru them. Im thinking thicker rubber grips or else neoprene may not feel as cold??

    i also dont like the feel of how thin they are... maybe ill run my summer bikes grips and see the difference, they are thicker half waffle specialized grips.
  • 11-17-2014
    It's all a compromise. A'me makes heated mountain bike grips, but you're gonna pay for them...
    I have the Pearl Izumi lobster gloves, and they are good down to the single digits (F) for me, but others have complained that they're cold in the 20's

    They have a relatively thin palm compared to the top too...that's good for dexterity, but not so good for insulation.

    Lots of people wear snowboard gloves....

    Or you could wrap your thin grips in road bike bar tape (cork type). My road bars are warmer than my mountain bike lock-on grips.

    Or you could use those chemical warmer packets

    Or liner gloves...
  • 11-17-2014
    I like these ESI silicone grips winter and summer, I use the "chunky". Don't worry about the lack of lock-on, they do not move! You will however need a generous amount of rubbing alcohol or similar to get them on. MTB Grips, a lot of places carry them.