• 02-05-2010
    wind/water resistant jacket
    it does not get terribly cold here in south Texas, but i want something to cut the wind and keep me dry when it sprinkles. when it pours, i just take the bus. i have been wearing this cheap windbreaker jacket to work the last few days but it does not breathe at all. i expect a huge cloud of steam to pour out when i unzip it like a sauna because it's so balmy in there.

    what should i look for in a light jacket? I am considering the Chrome Champ and the Pearl Izumi Convertible jackets right now.

    is there any reason that i need something cycling specific? what about brands that i might find at a sports store like Under Armor?
  • 02-05-2010
    I'm not familiar with either, personally, but the PI seems more reasonably priced, is available in colors more visible to cars, is more versatile (vest or jkt), and has pockets you can get to easily while on the bike. A non-cycling jacket could work to, as long as the sleeves & length are long enough that you don't have gaps when you lean forward for the bars. Any jacket will heat you up very quickly - maybe too quickly in TX, so you may want something even more lightweight/breatheable/vented. Tough to judge material weight from a website.
  • 02-05-2010
    For your climate, I'd be careful not to buy 'too much' jacket. I'd shop the clearance sections of REI-Outlet.com, pricepoint, nashbar, performance, jensonusa, etc...

    I got a Louis Garneau wind/waterproof breathable jacket for 16 bucks that would be perfect for you. cycling cut with the drop tail, etc. BUT you do get what you pay for in terms of breathability with wind/waterproof fabrics. Goretex is the standard...what you can't afford in fabrics, you have to make up for in VENTS.

    A tip when shopping at REI-type outdoor stores: Anything cut for rock climbing, ice climbing, etc is usually pretty nice on the bike becuase it will have really long or gussetted (sp?) arms. This can eliminate the need for a drop tail cycling cut. I have a Mountain Hardwear softshell jacket that was made for ice climbing...it is AWESOME for the Sierra winters. Overkill for your needs. If I was you though, I would consider a cheaper softshell if you can find one in your price range. Softshell technology is awesome. Your challenge will be getting one that isn't too warm though.
  • 02-05-2010
    Here in San Antonio i wear under aurmor breathe stuff with a long sleeve t over. works pretty good in the situation you describe.
  • 02-05-2010
    I use a Canari Jacket and have been happy with it, my only complaint is when my bag is full the clips for the jacket's pack straps dig into my back.


    I will also say that I have been happy with both of my Chrome purchases and would bet it is a fine product, if you have the coin.
  • 02-06-2010
    I have rain jacket and pants from J and G Cyclewear in Oregon. They are well made and very reasonably priced.
  • 02-06-2010
    marmot precip
  • 05-25-2010
    Funny thing. I use my kayak paddling jacket. It breaths pretty well, especially when I crack open the neck seal the wrist seals. Kept me plenty warm and dry in downpours too, packs pretty small, and high visibility. The downside is that it is a pullover and it costs an arm and a leg. Probably way too much for riding in Texas though.

    This last spring riding in serious weather with just Underarmor heat gear and this jacket and I was happy and toasty.
  • 05-25-2010

    Originally Posted by reptilezs
    marmot precip

    +1 Been using my Marmot Precip jacket for over a year. Has generously cut pit zips for ventilation.
  • 05-26-2010
    REI Sierra Designs housebrand
    My first one has lasted me some 6 years and i just bought a new one. They run about $40 and when wadded up there size is the equvilant of a burrito.

    Theyre great in the wind but in prolonged rain they do begin to absorb the rain and they dont breath every well. but the hood comes in handy.