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    Will Big Apple fit my bike?


    Disclamer: English it not my first language, and I'm not sure what every part of the bike is called, so I'll try my best to explain what I mean.

    I'm considering buying some Big Apple tires for my hybrid bike. I can't find any local shops that sells them, so I have to orde online. The only problem is I'm not sure if they will fit. I talked to one shop, and he said the 60 mm would definitly not fit, 50 mm could maybe fit, but he wasn't sure.

    I belive the frame is wide enough to fit a 50mm, the only problem might be the gear change thing in the front. I currently have 37mm tires on right now, and there's a ~15mm gap from the tire to the gear thing. Since a 50mm tire would be 13mm wider (6.5mm on each side), I'm thinking I'll have a spare 8.5mm distance with the BAs. Is my math all wrong, and if not, will it be too tight?
    Will Big Apple fit my bike?-img_20140701_131409.jpg

    My other question/problem is the hight(?) of the tire. I haven't found any info on how much hight these have. As you can see from the picture belowe there's about 5cm from the rim to the frame. Is this enough room?
    Will Big Apple fit my bike?-img_20140701_131132.jpg

    If there's any other info/messurements you guys need from me, let me know.

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    I'm not going to be much help with the tires, but the gear change thing is what we call a front derailleur. In British English, it's a front mechanism (or mech for short).

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    Your math looks right to me.
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    So I just got my tires and got them on the bike, and they fittet like a glove.
    Will Big Apple fit my bike?-img_20140704_152352.jpg
    As you can see, there's not much spear room between the tire and the frame, but it's just enough! (Sorry for the bad quality on the photo, took it in the basement.)

    Also, the bike with the tires on.
    Will Big Apple fit my bike?-img_20140704_145705.jpg

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