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    What my bike has taught me about white privilege

    A thought provoking blog post I ran across in my search for bikecommuter news...
    What My Bike Has Taught Me About White Privilege | A Little More Sauce

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    Interesting. Guy lives here in my hometown. I have never seen this article before today.
    The pedals turn, not just the left one, but the right one too.

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    A lot of words, but not much said.

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    I think he made an interesting point. Drivers have the privilege of "accidents" that kill or mutilate us, usually with impunity. So they can treat us like traffic cones or road kill with out any consideration that we a are vulnerable road users they need to accommodate and watch for. We are second class on the roads we share.

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    I've heard "Get a car, you f***ing bum!" countless times while riding bikes that cost more than the vehicle of the speaker.

    They assume that riding bike = poor, second class. And that it makes me a target for abuse.

    I suppose it makes sense in the South; racism is no longer a public institution. They have to find someone new to pick on.

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    Death from Below.

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    Yeah, buddy. Us hurr in da Sowf are a bunch a racist reetawdz. To badd we kant b az smawt n clevuh az yoo. Yoo juss a reguluh shake spear taday! Now I gotta go hav moonshyn on da porch n den go pikk on dem cyclerz.

    Wow...somebody thinks their doo doesn't stink.

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    I didn't see where he talked about his privilege of riding a bike that is remotely suitable for commuting.

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    ^ Do you mean: no lights, fenders, racks, or bags? No pump, spare tube, tool kit?

    Yeah, it looks to unburdened.

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    I find irony in this, to a degree.

    The author uses bicycling as an analogy for white privilege. I get the analogy.

    When I lived in Texas, I was on the receiving end of racial slurs while bicycle commuting. A black woman didn't like that I was "in her way" and started into me. Deep irony in that situation, in light of the bicycling-as-analogy-for-white-privilege article. At least for some, bicyclists are viewed as very low class, there's no question about it.

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    If the analogy works to help people understand a concept, then I suppose it's doing it's job. I think it's kinda half- baked but one of the criticisms I though was interesting. In part two he addressed how he can always get off the bike and the inequality goes away.

    Some people don't have that. People that cannot afford a car or have a DUI should have a reasonably safe way to commute. Bicycling would be perfect. How people perceive cyclists also depends on where you are. When I'm cruising up to the university in the cushy burbs, it's seen as leisurely or affluent even. Not that I'd be going anywhere. When I would commuted to my old job, in a less affluent city, it was always the accusation of being a drunk.

    It's hit or miss for me. Can't blame the guy for good intentions I guess.

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