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    What do you think..

    Useful or gimmick?

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    That is pretty cool! If I lived in a big city where space was premium and I needed a cargo bike to get groceries... perfect!
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    So now ebikes don't even need riders?
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    I have seen this before, I think it was in the commuting thread linked already.

    It doesnt show if/how the mechanism is locked in both positions. I wouldnt want to ride it when it isnt locked at all.

    Other than that it looks like a smart concept, parks in a normal space and hauls big stuff when necessary. Would like to try it out.

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    I like the idea, but also think it's stupid.

    -long tail bikes are rad, but despite doing 4/5ths of my traveling by bike, i have no need for a cargo bike. I own a car for hauling stuff

    -ebike is an awesome first/last mile solution, but so far they only exist as a way for folks to use bike infrastructure who would be better served by a moped

    -folding is a fantastic idea, but i didn't see any details on how it's actually implemented...? Details matter.

    -my 44lb tandem is difficult to carry and park... for a normal size human is this just an incompetent motorcycle?

    Seems like a potentially awesome tool for a world that we don't quite live in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyclingdutchman View Post
    It doesn't show if/how the mechanism is locked in both positions. I wouldn't want to ride it when it isnt locked at all.
    That isn't a hard thing to do. In fact the beauty of the design is that there is nothing technologically difficult about it. It's a simple, clever and totally practical idea.

    It's not a do it all bike and it doesn't have to be. The best way to look at it is as a cargo bike you can fold for easy parking, storage or to make maneuvering easier when it's not carrying a load.

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    sketchy light construction for something deemed a cargo bike...and doesnt seem to hold any more than a pair of panniers and or a portuer rack..class II meh..

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    ^^ I thought it looked kinda wimpy too.

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    I see various cargo bikes and e-bikes here in Vienna. Mostly good solution here, but not sure is it that good idea in les bike-friendly cities, or places with harsher climate or terrain configuration.

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