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    WaterProof Was

    So me being the smart person I am washed my Endura Venturi II and my Craft Bullet rain pants a few times without using any waterproofing wash. I have tried the iron trick to bring it back no dice. Anyone have any advice on what to use. I have heard Nikwax works for the Endura stuff. Not sure on the pants....safe to use the same stuff?

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    I've used nikwax on lots of different materials...never had an issue...I think worst case it just won't work very good. My guess is that it can't hurt, might help. Your mileage may vary... read the fine print...
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    Some advice from Patagonia:

    Washing instructions are printed on a white tag inside our garments. Following our garment instructions will help make sure that your gear has a long, interesting life. In general, washing your gear in cold or warm water with mild powder laundry soap (non-toxic, biodegradable types preferred) and drying it on the line are the best ways to clean Patagonia® products.

    For a guide to the FTC product care symbols that you may see used on our clothing care tags, click here. To download this information as a PDF file, click here.

    Replenishing Water-Repellency

    Most waterproof/breathable shells on the market are originally treated with a Durable Water-Repellant finish (DWR), which keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated so that the breathable barrier can do its job. This coating needs to be replenished once per season, or more often if the piece gets a lot of use or washing. If water is no longer beading up on your shell, it’s time to put on another finish. Our favorites are Nikwax® products, though there are many good products on the market. Whatever you choose, be sure to use a spray-on for two-layer garments (with a hanging mesh liner) or a wash-in for three-layer garments (with an interior fabric protecting the barrier). If the situation does not change, please send us the garment and we’ll take a look (see Returns and Exchanges).

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    I've used a spray on coating from Gore-tex on a couple jackets. It didn't last forever, but I think it was good for a few seasons. It's relatively inexpensive, so if I would get off my butt and find another can, I could have waterproof jackets again.

    EDIT: It's called ReviveX.
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