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    Want a commuter/city bike that I dont have to worry so much about..

    Currently, I ride my Salsa cx bike around to campus and to bars and such. I worry about when I lock it up though (Cane Creek wheels, Shorty Ultimate brakes, Ultegra grouppo).

    I got the idea of building up a singlespeed bike that I didnt have to worry about.

    Unfortunately, everyone who posts their 20-30 year old bike on CL wants $300 "FIRM" for it. For $300, I'll go somewhere else. The two ideas I am between:

    1) Buy a $200 fixie from BD, Jenson, Nashbar, etc.

    2) Put the rigid fork back on my ss, get a smaller cog, swept bars, and slick tires.

    Anyone have something to say either way or other ideas for a cheap bike? Im riding up to about 6 miles one way. I use bike lanes when I can.
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    In my younger days I bought a KMart BMX for just such a purpose. It was fun to ride intown and did the job, but you wouldn't want to go too far on it. Also, you might look up some yard sales in the local paper instead of Craigslist...if you see one but it's too expensive and they don't budge, come back at the end of the day and make an offer if it's still there.

    In NYC we used to go to the police auction, and there were a b'zillion bikes, probably an online affair by now, maybe there is one by you. You did have to wonder why they re-sold those drug scales and such back to the public.

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    do you have a bicycle co-op near where you live? the one where I volunteer sells bikes for $25-50. Otherwise, I think you should be able to find some better deals on Craigslist than $300. look for an old Trek 3500 or Specialized Rockhopper from the mid-nineties for $150. those things never die.

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    Buy a $200 fixie from BD, Jenson, Nashbar, etc.

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    I'm split between post #2 and post #3.

    I say, phone around and see what's available second hand. If nothing is, or if nothing you want is, go with a catalog singlespeed.
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    Go to flea markets and garage sales.
    I don't rattle.

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    #2. Having at least a decent ride might encourage you to take the long way home.

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    Yard sales and thrift stores. I have bought many cheap bikes that would be hundreds on craigslist through yard sales. I have bought most of the bikes I own for less than 50 including my Mtn bike. Yard sale bikes often need work. The ones I bought where not bad, I was able to fix them myself.

    Last weekend I saw a 35 dollar very clean rigid hard tail. Wanted to buy it, but my boyfriend did not want another bike.

    I have profited from yard sale bikes too, by selling them after cleaning them up and fixing them a bit. I bought one cruiser that was worth a couple hundred dollars for 35 dollars and a 50's roadmaster for 15. I traded the 50's roadmaster for my lovely converted single speed from a nice shop. It's my commuter.

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    Early Saturday and Sunday mornings just drive around residential areas for yard sales. My friends have had luck doing this, finding anything from Schwinn Varsity to 1990's Trek MTB.

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