video guys grinds through bike lock in 30 seconds-
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    video guys grinds through bike lock in 30 seconds

    No lock is safe. Don't leave your high dollar bikes locked outside. Minimizing resale value is best way to deter them.

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    professional bike thieves with battery powered angle grinders are thankfully FAR less common than your run-of-the-mill opportunist.

    From what I've been able to tell, a lot of pro thieves break into garages these days. They case your place before the theft.

    Frankly, I won't lock any bike outside for long. Not all day when I'm at work, and not overnight anywhere. Aside from the increased theft risk, there's increased vandalism risk, and increased wear and tear from harsh weather. When I do lock it up outside, I always make sure mine is as close to the most securely locked bike on the rack.

    I am fortunate that at work, I have quality indoor storage options. And I have pretty secure storage at home.

    So the only times I lock my bike outside are the times I go out on errands. Unless a pro is casing a location for a bike that meets their criteria, my main risks are the opportunists.

    Pretty sure the risks are higher for someone to be mugged and have their bike stolen from under them. This happens more locally than pro thieves with angle grinders. IIRC, maybe once a year or every other year here (runners are mugged more often than cyclists). All the other thefts I'm aware of occur because the bike was improperly secured (most stolen from porches), or it was stolen in the course of a home break-in.

    So what do you do to your bike(s) at home? Do you actually bike commute? What about where you actually ride? Do you keep aware of reported bike thefts in your area? What are the ACTUAL circumstances (rather than the one in your vid, that you are afraid of) of those thefts?

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    I try my hardest to lock my bikes up tight, but if they get stolen I get new bikes! That'd be neat.
    You change your own flats? Support your LBS and pay them to instead.

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    I found it more surprising only 1 person stopped to investigate the guy, the lady looked like she may have snapped a pic of him with her phone too.
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    some weird crazed desert dweller.

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