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    Velocity Dyad

    Hi, I am converting my 29er into a SS commuter. I have a chance to grab some Velocity Dyads with Shimano XT756 hubs. Price negotiable. I can't find a ton of info on these so.....

    1. What would you pay for these (new). I don't want to overpay.
    2. Will they accept Big Apples?

    Anything else I should know?

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    According to Peter White, Dyad is just a different name for the 622 size that Velocity labels as Aeroheat in all other sizes. 559 size Aeroheats have been my standard rims for about four years, and I have limited experience with 2.0 Big Apples on them. I feel like the tires would be happier on wider rims, but they work. IMO, the best thing about the rims is that they`re very deep, giving me room for side-visible reflective tape inside the brake track. A big complaint that a lot of people seem to have about Velocity rims is that the spoke holes don`t have steel sleeves. That hasn`t caused any problmes for me, but you might have reservations about the idea. I mostly stick with them because of inertia, since I now have quite a few wheels built with the same rims. They`re getting pretty expensive- I kind of wish I had all my wheels with CR-18s, but I`m not going to hasle with switching since I don`t kill them off very fast. Check around to see what the going prices are- they`ve been rising quickly lately. Pretty sure all rims have been doing that, though.

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    I have been running them for around 4 months and love them. I got the black reflective powder coat and its great. I've paired them with some 2.35 big apples and haven't had any issues. I highly recommend the combo.

    I found the rear at Niagra with an Alfine 8 for $300 built and then I had my front built, but I paid (I think) $80 for the rim. But remember... I paid more for the reflective coat.

    Good luck, I think you'll like them if you buy them.
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    I've been using them for about 9 months, also in the black reflective finish. I like them well enough. I can't comment on the max size of tire they can take, because for me, tire size is limited by the frame and whether I choose to use fenders or not more than the rims. I will say that I wouldn't want to go any narrower than a 30mm tire, though. I use 32mm and 38mm tires on mine and they're great. The wheels I built with mine are plenty strong for beating on them. I'd likely have trashed a regular set of road wheels the way I ride my commuter.

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