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    Vehicular Profiling

    Found this on the site via Blockphi's link...good infotainment

    Bike Safe Boston: a Boston biking blog, written by a lawyer specializing in bike law

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    Add ins: Ram Pickups especially if jacked up. Any car wandering in lane. Cars being driven a bit too enthusiastically, often VW's or small cars with aero packages and a loud aftermarket tail pipes. Mommy minivans between rush hours are often ferrying kids and mom is too often distracted or on the cell.

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    I end up profiling any car I have a bad experience with.

    e.g. The BMW SUV that passed me while I was cycling in the middle of my lane on a 2-way street while there was traffic in the other lane. No one was happy there and I almost caught a mirror to the shoulder.
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    Yeah, good list. Definitely would add european luxury cars to the list to the "general *******" category who treats everyone else (including drivers of less expensive cars) as second-class citizens.

    Anything with an aero kit/fart tube/bookshelf spoiler/tuners/whatever you want to call them. Frequently driven by teenagers and other young adults who think they have something to prove, and being ***** to cyclists is high on that list. It's like a game to a lot of them.

    Any car with a group of teenagers. They will harass you because they want to make their friends laugh.

    school buses. School bus drivers have been worse for me to ride around by far than other large vehicles. City buses, delivery trucks, semis, you name it, school buses are worse. They will try to muscle you off the road and seem to have no concept of how far their mirrors stick out from the side of their vehicles. They are worse at corners than semis are - at least semi drivers are trained how to handle taking a tight corner without running up onto the curb. School buses around here are highly responsible for tearing up the curbs at intersections by running up onto them when turning right.

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    His writing came off as making him seem like his opinions were more important than the information in them. And for the most part they were just opinions. Also he seemed to be a shill for Halo, like a politician shilling for a doner. They don't do one off work but they just decided to do him a solid and coat his "safest bike ever made". What good would that do for the countless people in the Boston area who have been hit, or worse, killed during the daytime? Of the four times I've been hit badly, all four were during daylight and three of them were people running red lights and stop signs. Only one was an SUV and the other three weren't cars on his list. In fact I can say I felt safer around cabs and zip-cars and buses and trucks cause I have a good idea of what their mindset is and what they are about to do.

    The only people I can say I watch out for are Land Rovers and Lexus'. Pure *******s.

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