UK Driving Schools add Cyclist Safety Segment-
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    I had to take a driver training course last year after getting a ticket (and now busted here on the forum too). I has happy to see that the course included a segment on driving with cyclists and pedestrians. Maybe it`s now part of HS Drivers Ed classes all throughout the US?

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    Interesting quote:

    "More than two thirds of all crashes between vehicles and cyclists in central London are the fault of the motorist, research shows."

    As cyclists, we have a direct share in 1/3 of accidents so can address that in our behavior. We can't do much about the remaining 2/3 directly. Defensive riding is important in dealing with the lion's share of potential issues. This can be passive (visibility), but more important is avoiding dangerous roads and times of day it at all possible, and being more observant/responsive. I am a safer driver because of skills honed watching for possible trouble. However, it is a scary indication of the ignorance of drivers, when a town cop does not understand a hand left turn signal. Efforts to increase awareness by drivers is long overdue. We are in this together. It is bad when 90% of the damage is on the cyclist and 67% of the fault is with the drivers and some think that because of that we are asking for it!


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    I took a defensive driving course a number of years ago so I could drive state-owned university vehicles. There was a "segment" on cycling, but it wasn't good enough (it didn't cover how cyclists should ride on the roads, or how much space to give them, even though TX law requires 3ft), and the instructor (a police officer) told drivers to honk at every cyclist. that's just unnecessary.

    Driver's ed should include a section on cycling, but it needs to cover things like lighting, brakes (ride your fixie on the road and it should have a brake), road markings for bikes (sharrows, bike lanes, interaction/hazard zones), taking the lane, etc as well as training for drivers on how to drive around cyclists (passing, how road markings for bikes apply to cars, dooring, where to look for cyclists, etc). It should be as inclusive as possible, which I think would go far to emphasize the legitimacy of bikes on the roads.

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