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    Tire recommendations

    Looking for some 700x25-28 commuting tires.
    I need long lasting tires that roll pretty good and are not super heavy.
    Would like flat protection but I have no problem just adding a Mr.Tuffy instead.

    Please don't reply "do a search"


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    Just bought some Michelin Transworld City Tires from Performance. Can't beat the price.

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    I got some Vittoria Randonneur 'Cross tires at a REI garage sale. They are 700x28. They are pricy new, (I scored both for $10, neener neener) but I have had really good luck with them. I have right about 1500 miles on them, and the rear is just worn down to slick in the middle...should have rotated them a while back. Front still looks great. They have a minimal tread pattern that has worked really well in the rain/slush this winter, and they roll super fast on the road.

    I live in Goathead country (horrible little thorns), and I have only had 3 flats with these tires (no liners) in 1500 miles...my average is more like 8 or 10 flats in that period of time with no liners.

    I was hoping to get more life out of them, but performance has been awesome. I will rotate them and ride them until I start getting flats...
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    We have a BAAAD puncture weed (goathead) problem. I use Specialized Armadillo All Seasons, I have also had good luck with Continental Ultra Gatorskins. No flats, none.
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    I put a couple thousand miles on Continental Contact 28's.The wear wasn't too bad and I had zero flats in two years but they are not light. I have Top Contact 32's on my new bike and they roll plenty fast, are a bit lighter and I anticipate about the same or better wear rate.

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    I have a Specialized Armadillo on the front of my commuter right now. Haven't had a flat yet, and it's been on there about nine months.

    A lot of racing tires are also surprisingly good for flat protection. I've been very happy with the Continental Grand Prix 3000 and 4000 tires I've had on my fancier road bike. I think they make it to a few thousand miles, at least. The GP Roubaix is supposed to have even better flat protection, and they come in a 28.
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