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    Tire advice, etc...

    So I have an old 10 speed (1972?) Schwinn LeTour II that I had envisioned as my commuter and a bike to get an occasional "road" ride in when the weather sucks. I used it for a while but found I just don't use the drops and much prefer the upright position. Being old and steel it's also probably heavier than my hardtail MTB (08' On One Scandal 29er)! Despite only flatting once I'm always worried about the skinny tires. I cross railroad tracks when commuting and always held my breath. Not to mention rim brakes suck when wet, etc...

    Due to family/work issues I haven't commuted in a while, but want to start again now that things have settled down a bit.

    I did a 23 mile ride yesterday in bad weather on my Scandal and actually preferred it to the old Schwinn, even with 2.35" tires! I have a nice trail bike and the hardtail is getting VERY little use (200 miles this year?). I force my self to take it out occasionally just to justify keeping it and the fact that I wouldn't be able to get much for it probably... also nice to have a backup bike.

    New plan. I have a carbon On One fork and some ergon grips with the bar ends laying around that I could swap on. I also have a spare wheelset (Arch's) that I could throw some road friendly tires on. In a pinch if my regular bike was out of action I could swap wheelsets and have a rigid mountain bike again (even swapping the forks wouldn't take too long). But I'd have a better commuter and "road bike" for up to say 30 mile path/road rides occasionally.

    So I have everything I need but tires...... I like tubeless, but I've read on here that some recommend sturdy tires, thorn resistant tubes and slime instead for road duty.

    I'm 6'3 250 for reference.

    Looked a bit at Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Big Apples, Conti Tours, etc... I'm just struggling to make a decision on type, width, etc... Read some complaints about fighting the bead on Conti's. I want simple, durable and good rolling. Cost is not much of a factor, I'll pay more for a good tire if needed.

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    I have used Schwalbe Big Apples tubeless on the commuter with great success. They wear like iron and roll very fast. They are heavy but I never really noticed it. Tubeless is vastly superior to tubes for the commute no matter what anyone says Especially if you have any kind of local thorns, etc (goatheads here).

    I had the 2.35 fat Big Apples... they were fun. I also used 2.0" Serfas Drifters tubeless also... if the BA's wore like iron, the Drifters wore like titanium. Thousands and thousands of miles. They worked good tubeless, but eventually started seeping at the sidewalls more than I liked (after a couple of years though).
    I want to try Maxxis Hookworms, but I haven't yet.

    Sounds like you have a great situation brewing though... I would say something in the 2.0 range, and DEFINITELY go tubeless.
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    I commute on a Dahon Folding bike with 20" wheels. I had a tire issue and based on information from guys here, ended up going with Schwalbe Marathon Supremes. Pressure is too high for tubeless but these tires are very flat resistant. They roll fast too.
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