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    Time for a new helmet?

    I found this article:

    When to Replace a Helmet?

    In which this appears: "The Italian company MET says in their 2010 catalog:
    "We are often asked 'For how long is a helmet safe?', or 'how often should I replace my helmet?' Until now it has been difficult to find any reliable figures to help answer these queries. MET have now developed a series of tests which are conducted on aged helmets to determine a 'best before' date (unless the helmet is involved in an accident. In that case it should be replaced immediately.). The results indicate that, if used properly accordingly to our owner manual, our helmets will still do their job up to eight years after they have been made."

    The same source has this research:

    Update: Helmets Proven to Perform for Decades

    My bought in the spring of 2008 Bell helmet died in the crash of Nov 30, 2012. I then used the Giro helmet bought for my son in the fall of 2008 (still in its original packing). So it is just over seven years old, but used three years.

    I am anticipating Santa giving me a gift card for the after Christmas sales. I am thinking traffic yellow for improved visibility, and I like Bell Helmets:


    This adds a small visor that might have saved my eyebrow stitches and cheek tattoo:


    This one has a visor though I now have light responsive glasses, the visor would protect the brows from being sanded on pavement, and the adjustable vents would solve the do I put on or pull off the tape issue in the spring and fall, and the mess that the tape makes of the finish on a helmet, all for a price, off course:


    It has a single glowing review and I never thought of my thinning hair and needing the sun shade of the vent adjusters.

    If It is good for decades, the price is not as bug a deal. I could consider it my last helmet (unless I crash with it).


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    Interesting article bout not needing to replace helmets. I pick my helmets up at a local discount store. The second one you posted looks nearly identical to the Bell Trespass helmet I got for $12. The visor would most likely just break off in a crash. Using the helmets have to be replaced knowledge I just bought another one for about $20 which fits a little better. But I still use the old Bell for commuting after dark because it has the mounts for my head and tail light on it.

    The Star Pro would be a great helmet for $50 I'm sure the shield would detach in a crash too so I doubt it would protect the brows any either.

    If you do crash with it they offer some type of crash replacement.

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    I'll replace my helmet when I crash or when I notice any deteriation of the Styrofoam. Until then, no need to replace. However, it's not like helmets are that expensive. I normally wear out the foam pads, think it stinks too much, or damage it somehow long before I have any concerns about the helmet going bad from age.
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    The dilemma the companies have is that bike helmets are not valuable enough to have an inspection program....

    So just replace at sometime and after hits...

    I inspect my gear....my old helmet developed a crack, not from hitting anything just time and wear...tossing in the car or on a table etc.....it was 9 years old....

    Lok for a helmet with a go pro mount.....I use it for the headlight.

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