• 02-09-2009
    Time/Money/Frustration Savings
    I'd just like to say that since starting work in July I have biked to work 70% of all days possible, for the first 4 months I biked 4 miles one way. since moving I bike under one mile. Even with the Ct weather being less then favorable and often quite wet I save alot of aggrivation with parking. It was quicker to bike the 4 miles and get fresh air then it was to find parking. also in order to get a spot I'd have to be in by 6 AM or park well over a half mile away. now that i live within a mile it is a dream. the money I save on gas I used to buy extra beer and another bike. I think there should be alot more people biking to work. I like the OPEC trend of cutting supply and decreasing price. It works for me. On top of the coolness of parking I've yet to sit in traffic, I get prefered bike parking and I can brag to all the others that I made it throug the snow storm without any effort.

    #1 top reason. Theres on such thing as late. only a flat tire! and a smile because I know I over slept.:thumbsup: ride those bike guys
  • 02-10-2009
    Gary the No-Trash Cougar
    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Damn, why didn't we think of this sooner?! I don't regret it for one minute and would probably never go back, even if my work site moved to one that was 25 miles from home.
  • 02-10-2009
    I'm stationed in Germany right now and this place is a cycling commuter's heaven. I'm afraid that once I go back to the Southern U.S., I'm not going to be able to commute everywhere like I do here because the attitude towards cyclists is so different. Here, I ride my bike just about EVERYWHERE and I hardly ever have to worry about my safety. Back home (in my state), I'd be much more concerned about getting run over. I guess I will see what happens in a little over a year from now.
  • 02-10-2009
    This is a perfect post from the OP. I'm living in Germany now and can pretty much bike anywhere and do. The car sits for days to weeks at a time. There was a patch due to injury then weather I used the car, although I could have taken the Tram or bus quite easily.


    I share the same feeling too. Sometime after the next six years, I'd like to go back to the US, either part year or permanently. I fear going back to what made me so skeptical of riding on the road: willful aggression from motorists and dangerous road conditions. I will likely have to move to the city.

    Some might not recognize it in my writing, but the "fear" comes from losing the independence of going out and riding a bike. Out here, if I want to go shopping or to dinner in the Neustadt part of the city, there is next to ZERO parking, and it's all expensive, to boot. With bikes, we simply ride there, chain them, and walk around, done. Same for the city Zentrum for shopping. Just go and come back, no worries about parking. There's always parking.