• 08-30-2012
    Thule Commuting/Touring Bags/Rack
    First Look! New Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Puts Cargo Bags, Panniers & Cases on the Bike - Bike Rumor

    How many of you would buy something from these pics? I know I am interested in the panniers and maybe the front bag/iPad mount. Not for the iPad, but the bag itself. I can't wait for more pricing info and specs. Hopefully around the price on the Ortliebs.
  • 08-30-2012
    I had a pro deal card a while back for Thule stuff, now I'm kinda upset I used it.

    That said, the stuff looks high quality, like all of their things, but seriously overbuilt for bicycle purposes. While that isn't as much of a concern on a car, on a bike that extra few pounds could make their stuff very impractical.

    The rack intrigues me, all said. There are not a dirth of racks that will fit on 99% of disc bikes without modification. If the price is right, I'd definitely consider it, being that it can easily be transplanted between bikes.