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    Thrift store scores

    Tell me yours! The other day I stopped by Goodwills looking for nothing in particular. Well, I went to "other people's junk" area and saw three bikes. Didn't really care to see what kind they were, just figured they were dept. store bikes. There was a basket on top of one of the bike's seat. I wasn't sure if it was a bike basket. Picked it up and saw that it was indeed bike-specific basket. It looked like the expensive type too. It has two hooks that mount on the handlebar and a handle that allows you to use the basket to shop when taken off the bike. Totally cool. It didn't have a price, so I happened to see a clerk walking by and asked for a price. She said $2.99. Score!

    Okay, probably not that exciting, but the price for a basket that probably may cost $30 or more was exciting.

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    was it yellow?
    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    My wife bought a brand new pair of Lake shoes at Goodwill for $2. They're nothing fancy, but I'll definitely get $2 worth of wear out of them
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    I found one of those waste management racing jerseys at a thrift store, not sure if its a score
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    Even better, mine was free & delivered - but sweaty ...I was sitting curbside watching a friend in the NYC marathon & a runner threw his nice long sleeve zip-neck right at me. A perfect fit - after laundering. He had pinned his running split times to it, but no identifying info.

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    Wrench Force floor pump $5. They were asking $30 but when they could not pump up a tire with it they lowered the price. Little oil on the plunger and good as new.

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    I picked up a 90's vintage rigid Giant mountain bike for my oldest daughter for $30 at Goodwill. I replaced the tires, tubes and brake pads then adjusted and lubed everything and she was ready to go for a ride.

    A year later the neighbor was throwing out a 20" diameter wheeled geared mountain from KHS. They gave it to me for free. Same thing, tires, tubes, brake pads, lube, and adjust it it was ready to ride. My youngest has been rocking it for a year now. Now that I bought a Trek hardtail for the oldest, the youngest has her eye on the larger Giant.
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    Thrift store scores are the best. I put together a complete set of golf clubs for under $40.
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    Yashica-A 6x6 TLR for $4. Worked great for about a dozen rolls until I knocked it off my bookcase and tweaked the lenses out of plane. Coleman camp stove for $12. Needed new pump seals (couple bucks and a minute to install). Both very good deals, but neither was truly spectacular.

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    1999 Trek 320 road bike.... Goodwill for $10.

    Even better.....

    My first set of clipless pedals:
    Shimano SPd Pedals... Cleets included... $3 at a thrift store on a miltiary base.

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    I have picked up a couple of quality messenger bags in the past, a deal @ $5 - Thrift stores are a great way to try out stuff to see if you want to pay big bucks for new stuff.
    I've also picked up some panniers for $5, a new winter bike jacked for $10, lots of jerseys and goretex pants on occasion. Seems like about 1 trip in 10 is productive, haven't been for a while, I have enough stuff!

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    thrift stores

    i got a cannondale bar bag full of stuff for 7 bucks. inside was a seat bag with toe straps, patch kit. alum. tire levers, spare 27" tube(never opened). love thrift stores.
    also, at one store in reno, NV. everything eletrical is a buck. so last time i was there i picked up a window A/C unit for the scrap metal. there was more than a 1 worth of copper in there. i aslo on that same trip picked up a air mattress for a buck(it had a built in pump) sold it for $20

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    Maybe not a 'steal,' but I bought a '92 Trek 7000 MB for $100. Installed new rubber, brake levers and shifters. Great bike.

    However, my best find was a 60's Lane coffee table. Paid $15 for it at Goodwill and refinished it. Sold for $300. Need to find more stuff like that...

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    I've found some good stuff at some of them near me. But my greatest score was finding 5 first edition John Steinbeck novels in mint condition for $1 each. I haven't had them apraised yet, and I doubt I will. That's one of those things you never find again. If I sell them I'll never be able to afford to replace them. Can you say new family heirlooms. I can
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    If you live in a bike-centric town you can get insane deals if you have connections. I used to work at an animal shelter in Durango and it has an attached thrift store. The best stuff never hit the floor because we got to it first. I got a near mint Ritchey'd out 1990 KHS for $10, easton monkeylite bars mint for $5, brand new specialized bmx tire for $2, for example. And so many more scores went through there.

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