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    Thinking of Giving up commuting, although I love it. What are my odds? Would you?

    Ok, here is the deal. I live in Guangzhou (Panyu) China... I have commuted for 3 years.... 3rd largest city in China. I have a bike I have dreamed about and in the pas year I have been known to commute around 70-80 km per day 6-7 days a week.

    From home, cross city, on average of 30 km spurts throught the day to different jobs. Always got home from 66-90 km average...

    Guanzgou is the third largest city in China, and I have always treid to be super careful in every way. Decked out like a xmas tree, rain or shine. FWIW on a 29 inch cobia with lots of great changes (only the frame & handlebars/shocks remmain oem).

    The thing is, in traffic, It is dangerous. On the sidewalk, is dangerous. I am wherever I need to be t oget were I am going. There are not followed traffic regulations as there are in other parts of the world. I am cautiously in and out, over passes, highways, wherever , whenever. Aggressivly defensive, etc.

    There are no safe alternatives.

    That being said, I have recieved a couple of brushes.... and one near death experiance....

    And a couple of years ago I dslocated my shoulder as I had a ridiculous crash with a speed bum I attribut to trying to ride to far with continuously less sleep than 4 hours per night.

    So I made a rule that said if I get less than 4 hours of sleep, no riding...

    I went from 94 kg to 67 kg in like 5 months.

    I am now after nearly 5 months enslavement at a desk workingonline, nearly finnished wiht my slavery and ready to get back to my old ways.... dying to even..

    But... I am relatively a poor man with 4 boys ... a 10 year old, 2.5 year old, 6 month old baby, and a almost 5 year old boy. I home school my kids, and they depend 100% on me.

    Even my peasant ex silfarmer wife.

    If something ever happened to me, they would be literally homeless in this world and their lives would be destroyed.

    I feel confident inn my abilities, but I also realize that the extent to which I commmunicate, and the extremes of the daily distance and environment, no matter how skillfull I think I may be,

    That it is a numbers game. And I am only playing against the clock.

    If I went down anywhere on my bike, it would be days before my wife would even know what happened to me. They would be waiting at home, my kids not knowing. All would be destroyed... and china can be a living hell for those whou would be in that place.

    So, do I give up commuiting, or write of this thought as things will be ok and I am over worried?

    Do I risk their entrie future to commute?

    If anhything happened to me...

    What would you do?

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    Clearly this is a personal decision, and I can't even imagine what bikecomuting is like there. Is there anything you can do to help your family in the event that something did happen to you? I have no idea if life/disability insurance are even available to you, let alone affordable, but something like that could give you some peace of mind if you keep pedaling. Of course the alternatives are not without risk either, what would be your alternative transportation?

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    My sentiments as well--do you even have an alternative? If not, it seems that you're doing what must be done, and accepting a certain level of risk. You are to be commended for thinking of your wife and children, but in the absence of a viable alternative, you are making the best possible decision.

    I can't imagine that a motorbike would be any safer, and it sounds like a car is out of the question--so, suit-up, put your armor on, say your prayers, and do what you do...

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    No idea what it's like over there, but is it possible to reduce your bike distance?

    I am looking at biking my commute tomorrow. It'll be 71k ish in total and about 1/3 or so of it is on a bike path and most of it is on roads that aren't terribly busy. no way would I do that commute on a bike on a regular basis. It looks like it'll be somewhere around 3-4 hours depending on what I can manage as an average speed along the way. I am doing it tomorrow because I don't work a lot of hours, it will be sunny and cool, and I ought to be able to leave home during daylight and return before dark. and Sunday traffic tends to be lighter than weekday traffic.

    If I was in your situation, I'd look for ways to use public transit if it was available, keep my travel distance down by simply refusing to travel that far, get a car and drive, and in the absence of any other option, spend a lot of time scouring maps for more bike friendly routes.

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    I have to stop riding my bike. I hate public transportation. I hate to take the subway. I hate waiting at red lights. I hate the stupid traffic in the city. When I ride my bike I am not fat. When Iride I stop for nothing. When I ride I need nothing. When I ride, I do not have to be on the subway with the people I hate. I hate to sit there with people like a farm animal I hate to be there looking at a phone or being part of that system which sits together on the subway system. I love riding my bike . I love the rain. I love the wind. I love the night and the sun. I love the challenge. I love the time limit. I must I think give up commuting on my bike for the security of my children and it is tearing me apart. THey have a subway system. It costs a lot of money to take public transportation.. I could do it..But I am so addicted to riding this is tearing me up. I wll see what other prople think.. it is so hard to commute any other way psychologically for me. there is nothing I hate about my bike.. only safety for my children... god damn it,

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    last night I had to spend 70 rmb to get to work and come home for a 1200 rmb job. Normally it was a 120 km saturday ride for me..I would always hit a street bbq on the way home, and race from one job to the other on a 26 km street through villigiages in the city before a 34 km ride home at night. Getting home normallay at aroung 12:45 am.. .instead I had to sit and fight people n the rain for 35 minuets to try to get a taxi I couldnt get.. and then take two motorcylce taxis one way their and back.,,,, I totally did not trust them as much as I trusted myself on my bikje, but if I didnt I would lose the money. Turst them for like 24 km ride to the closest suubway or reisk 120 km myself and be a fit daddy who aint got a problem swimming with his boys and never got looiked at like a fat foreigner as all the other fat foreigners I see? I have lived in an eastern german village for like 6 years before living in China for 12... sorry I am fomr the US but everyone I see in the US looks reaaly fat to my eyes... I have only gone back like twice since 1995 so the contrast is hugely visible in my eyes,, I hate when I sit on the subway, hypothyroid and not exercising being 86 kg when I was 67 kg normally... Its cool I had no fears getting fat as I slaveda way at my work online 5 months I now I was going to start riding about now and easily lose the weight.... and untill lou lose it you are on a bike riding and after 2-3 hours a day on a bike there is nothing more therapeutic. Riding sooths my soul so much. I cant imagein A) paying for a gym b) spending two hours to go to a gym c) being on of the people in a gym. It is the same in my mind as being one of them in the subway. I know it makes me sound like being the unibomber or something. Im not like that. I am thinking I will by some shoes and try to run everyday. I hate running. It is a far stretch from what I look forward to daily with my bike. I hope I can get off running somehow and fit like I was when I rode my bike. I hate ven looking at my bike... because every time I do I want to be on it. It is an addictive I must give up I think for my childrens safety and I am so pissed off about it. I have no insurance. I have no family. If I die thats it for them. I used to tell myself biking made me stronger for them . And biking makes our family more money,. Maybethats what I said to feed my addiction

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