• 11-16-2018
    a thing i've noticed while commuting
    i've noticed that when when something out of the ordinary happens on my ride, it happens more than once. yesterday on my way to work someone pulled out in front of me at a stop sign. later in the day when i was running some errands, someone pulled out in front of me. i can go days without something like this happening but when it does it usually happens more than once so much so that when it does happen i've begun to be much more alert to it happening a second time. someone runs a stop sign? i become extra aware because it will happen again later in the day.
  • 11-16-2018
    Full moon. I think part of it is heightened awareness and perception, and the tendancy to remeber negative events more. It certainly seems that way, i agree, but if you were to keep a log and look at it systematically and analyze, it probably doesnt happen any more often than not.
    I agree it seems that way. When someone pulls in front of me a cuts me off, youre addrenline goes up and tend to be looking for more. Gotta try and calm down so that i dont go off and yell or gesture at next incident.
    But sometimes when you take actual count, the statistics hold ip your beliefs pretty well, like i was thinking hardly anyone uses their vehicle directional signals. On some of my drives i decided to take actual count and it rarely was above 50%.
  • 11-29-2018
    I have some of those things too.

    Today: It rained on both rides => Very seldom for me.

    Last week: Found 2 scissors on 2 days => never found a scissor in my life before.

    Last week: Had 2 near misses in one ride with people riding in the dark, with dark clothes, without a light or anything reflective.

    I had a terrible space-out this week, at least that was only once. Could kill me the second time