Not sure if anyone actually owns one of the Handsome Devil framesets from the guys in MN, but I am considering it against A surly Cross Check for a commuter build. I'm planning on building the bike with at least 32c tires and want room for fenders if I ever decide to go that way. I'd also like a frameset versatile enough to go geared and possibly even do some light touring. Both the CC and HD fit the bill although all I've ever read about the HD is positive reviews mostly with regard to it's appearance/pricepoint, not quality/durability.

A new CC frame/fork runs me ~$420 plus tax at my LBS while the HD costs $379 shipped to my door. Both bikes appear to do what I want and I don't want to get into something just because it's cheaper if the CC will be better in the long run. I'm just interested in hearing some opinions anyone might have or ideas I may not have considered. I have a SS wheelset at home I am planning on using for the build, I'll make it as budget as possible while still getting decent parts. The Raleigh One Way is also on sale at REI for $629 as a complete bike. I really like that one as well and it would likely end up being cheaper after all is said and done buying parts to build either of the frames. That being said it's strictly a commuter and will never have the potential to be a cross/touring bike.

Handsome Devil