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    Super Flash Turbo or Radbot 1000

    I have an amazon gift card and was hoping for some feedback. Also does anyone use rechargeable batteries? I was looking at getting some of the rayovac ones. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigE610 View Post
    I have an amazon gift card and was hoping for some feedback. Also does anyone use rechargeable batteries? I was looking at getting some of the rayovac ones. thanks
    Both are bright. The only reason I leaned away from the Radbot is I believe you need a screwdriver to change the batteries & being lazy I thought that might discourage me from keeping the batteries fresh and the light bright. I have also had those little screws on other brands become unremovable over time from exposure to the weather. You may also want to compare what they come with for mounting options.

    I use rechargeables, Sanyos and Energizers, haven't heard anything on the Rayovacs.

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    I love the Radbot, its cheap, comes with a few different mounting options, is bright as hell. I use Sanyo Eneloop batteries. The screwdriver issue isnt a big deal, since its located right by the battery charger. Takes 10 seconds. Considering how many times my superflash lights have come apart on their own, i like the screw.

    I still use the SF lights and like them, but the radbot is superior IMHO. The new flash pattern of the Turbo is nice, but its effectiveness is all in how well you aim it.

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    I just bought a PB Turbo to replace my previous Cateye LD-1000. The Turbo will burn holes in your retina, even when looking at it from an angle. I *almost* feel like it's too bright, and can't imagine wanting for anything brighter for the rest of my forseeable cycling days.

    I do like that the Radbot has a "fail-safe" backup, with its built in reflector. Not sure why Planet Bike can't seem to pull that off. I don't like the Radbot screw, but have not yet had a Superflash spontaneously split on me either, as they have been rumored to do.

    For the record, I hate that BOTH these lights run off AAA batteries. I've always strived for an all AA set, so I can exchange between GPS, camera, headlamp etc. If they made a PBSF with one AA battery and built in reflector, IMO it would be a champion of the blinker market.

    For batteries, I have had really good luck with the Sony line of low-discharge rate rechargables.

    Here is a real review you might enjoy, if you haven't already read it:

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    I got the RadBot it was 5 bucks cheaper and shipped immediately. I will probably end up with a superflash turbo as well at some point in the future.

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    I have a Portland Design Dangerzone. Unlike the Radbot, there is no screw but rather clips together. I also dislike that it uses AAA, like all rear lights, instead of AA. Running this light about in the crazy flashing mode for about 7-8 drains the batteries by about 1/2.

    I charge my batteries habitually every Saturday so there is never any doubt whether or not my batteries are good. My battery charger reports applying 400-ish mAH into each of the AAA I run in the Dangerzone light.

    I did previously have a Planet Bike Superflash but I didn't like it much. Sure, it was bright, but I didn't like how it clipped together and did not like the "button" at all. The Portland Design Dangerzone is a big improvement in these two areas. I have no idea whether or not there is a big difference in visibility between the Dangerzone and Radbot though.

    I am using Sanyo Eneloops batteries and a Maha Wizard charger. The thing about AA and AAA batteries is that they often cost the same, regardless if they're rechargeable or alkaline, but AAA have less than 1/2 the energy of AA of the same brand. Sanyo Eneloops are 2000mAH for AA and 800 mAH for AAA. Typical price is around $10 for 4.
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    I own 1 Princton Tec Swerve, 3 PBSF's, 2 Radbot 1000's, 2 PB Turbo's, and 2 Danger Zones. I also have a pair of 100 lumen DIY taillights.

    You will find a comparison of the blinky's here.

    There are ride by and ride away videos in that thread as well.

    My short takes:

    Swerve: better than nothing. Switch reduces power to light as it ages. Poor mounting.

    PBSF: OK in overcast through dusk/dawn a bit beamy aiming is critical. Switch can be temperamental. Output drops after about 16 hours or so but it isn't apparent close up.

    Radbot 1000 and PB Turbo are close, slightly more output from the Turbo, but a very short duration and narrow beam. Need a bag for these in group rides to tone them down a bit. Figure 6 hours running time for both before output starts to drop. Can be seen in daylight in main part of beam far enough away to do some good, though not great. The Dangerzones screws seem to be standing up fine, the spring connectors need bending in cold weather or the lights will go out over bumps like RR tracks. The Turbo's button is not very compatible with the older PBSF backs (I affixed a hinged PBSF to the helmet). I get some self turn on/mode change if the light is not 'just so' in the older style back. Side output even at night is feeble IMHO in the Radbot. Too little seen too late side on. The Turbo is better in that regard. The Radbot is good for pedestrains on dark paths, not effective in traffic. The Turbo can be seen by cross traffic at night fairly well. A good headlight warns cross traffic sooner and better anyway.

    Dangerzone: nice switch, wider but lower total output but the width may have messed up my readings. Not usefully visible in the day. Nice wider beam is useful at night. I have mixed feelings about the clip system on these. I wonder if they will stiffen or get too loose as the lights age. They can partially clip too, so you need to look to make sure they snapped home.

    All but the Swerve fit the same mounts and are interchangeable.

    More thorough day and night videos await the imminent arrival of LiteFLUX Red Zone 4'S from OZ. More power spread wider.


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