• 07-24-2014
    Suggestions on New Wheels for my commuter
    Looking to swap out my wheels on the commuter. Im not hoping to spend hundreds on a new set but Id like something nice.

    with in the $100 to $150 range.

    Right now Im running Wolber's and for Tires I have Continentals Town and country 26x1.9, but might be interested in going to something just a bit smaller. No 700 for sure. I like to be able to jump off the sidewalk or on to the side walk from time to time.

  • 07-24-2014
    Are you looking for anything in particular?

    It seems like the inventory of non-DH, non-fat 26" stuff is really dropping off, so you almost need to hunt around to see what's actually for sale, and then decide if any of that works. For example, Jenson only has 2 choices for less than $150. Ebay always has lots of options, though.

    I needed 26" replacement wheels last year, and I really wanted white rims, but I couldn't find a single white wheelset for sale (at least not without spending big $s). I ended up using that as an excuse to do a wheelbuild.
  • 07-24-2014
    $150 wouldn't even by me hubs unless your thinking a Single Speed
  • 07-25-2014
    I got these when I was looking for a cheap spare wheelset I could use for disc brakes or rim brakes. Forté Terramax 26" Front Wheel - Mountain Bike Wheels / Wheelsets They have been reliable, but as you might expect, ride harsher than pricier wheels. Currently $89/99 front/rear.

    If you have disc brakes they have a $150 set of Shimano Deore wheels for $150. Don't know anything about those.