Suggestions on which bike to get, Brand etc.-
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    Suggestions on which bike to get, Brand etc.

    I have about $500 or so and I would like to find a bike with disc. I would like to do little off road trais but not hard core. Mostly would be on the street with some trails once and while. Been looking and so far seen some used ones too in that range. I guess what I am looking for is a good base bike with good basic gear. At this point I am open to anything. I was out riding last week with a friend and we went up some killer hills and my $15 10 speed did not cut it. So what you guys got for suggestions?

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    I would see if any of your local bike shops have any discounted leftover models from last year - if it's what you want it's like getting a free upgrade. 1 shop here just had a sale ith a few '08's at 1/2 off & the '09's at good discounts too Used can be a good value if you can tell if it was barely used or trashed.

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    I have not hit the local shops yet but that is a good idea. I really don't know what to look for brand wise just know what kinda I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldoz
    I was out riding last week with a friend and we went up some killer hills and my $15 10 speed did not cut it.
    Were you mountain biking on an old 10 speed road bike? You the man!

    I wouldn`t worrry too much about brands if I were you- all the major players have a whole range of bikes from doodoo to killer and everything in between. I honestly never shopped for disc equiped bikes, so don`t know for sure what kind of prices you`re going to see, but I like buying used also. You ought to be able to find a nice used disc brake mtb for your budget. If you`re thinking about a good bit of street use, I suggest sticking with rigid fork, or at least avoiding full suspension. Front suspension might actually be cheaper than rigid due to availability, especially if you end up buying used.

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    A killer deal on a decent set of disc brakes is $100 for the pair... if your whole budget is $500 you're going to sacrifice a lot in terms of the other components to get a disc-equipped bike brand new. Not that they're not out there... check the usual suspects: comes to mind.

    Personally I'd shop used...craigslist, etc. You can get a used bike that was $1000 new just a year or two ago, and wind up with much better components that will last longer than what you'd get on a brand new bike at that price range.
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