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    Strategic Reflective Stuff

    With more dark-thirty rides approaching, comment or post your favorite visibility piece.

    Cyclist visibility in the spotlight

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    If you wear a backpack, a vest is not that helpful. I keep this attached to my backpack.

    Aardvark Reflective Yield symbol 7" x 7" with Velcro Strap in Tree Fort Bikes Reflectors (cat699)

    Strangely, it only has the straps on 1 corner, so I secure the other 2 with little office binder clips. You could also sew it on or add velcroe.
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    My Adidas Mali Evolution has reflective markers in the front and back.

    Strategic Reflective Stuff-e29dba53adfcedb7b89dd1928d7b532c.jpg

    Strategic Reflective Stuff-8df765d3fb855c5c35379685f8c7cfd1.jpg

    Adidas Mali Evolution 2010 on Behance

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    Strategic Reflective Stuff

    I pulled the reflective stripes off of a cheap day glo safety vest and strategically sewed them on to my backpack for greater visibility, as well as stripes on the backs of my gloves, so that one can see when I signal. I recently saw another commuter on the other side of town with a whole setup. He had blinkies and lights out the rear, and had wrapped his entire frame, fork, and seat post in red/whet reflective tape. One things for sure, he was going to be seen.
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    I bought a roll of red and a roll of white reflective marking tape from my local industrial supply store. I cut a number of rectangles of the stuff and placed the white around my front rim and the red around the back. I figure it should make me stand out a bit while on the road - in addition to all the blinky lights I have. I like having the passive markers as a backup in case I lose my battery power while on a commute.

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    Reflective stuff works well for cars to the front or rear if their lights are on. Dawn and dusk here has too few drivers using their lights. Reflective stuff shows up from the side about 1 second before you are in front of the car assuming the lights are on.

    Refraining from riding in dawn or dusk may be a wise move, if you can leave earlier or later to do that. It is the most dangerous time for us to ride. My videos convinced me that nothing works as well as good lights.

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    Reflective only goes so far. There's a guy on my commute that only has reflective stuff and no lights, and you don't see him until you're fairly close.

    I agree with good bright (and flashy) lights. My viz360 front flash lights up road signs a half mile away.

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    Definite +1 on lights AND reflectors. I like the little triangle to hang from the backpack. May try one out. I have a Magicshine taillight on my rack, though, that handles the bulk of my visibility needs. I've been meaning to add a blinkie to the back of my helmet, though, to get more visibility high up. I want to get the Bell Muni in hi-vis green that has spots to clip on a rear light. I don't necessarily care for the little underpowered Blackburn lights designed to go with it, so I'd find lights with more oomph.

    More related to the reflecty part of the subject, I've got big reflective areas on my fenders that have proven useful and easy to add. The tape is wearing a bit, so I may slap a layer of new tape on top. I also have a couple of velcro straps for my ankles (keep my pants secure) with reflective area on them. Can't hurt. I like the idea about getting some reflective/bright color gloves for hand signals. My black mtb gloves are worse than bare skin at night.

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