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    Stinky shorts

    Soooo... Bear with me... on user of padded Lycra...up to now i have been using just baggy shorts and underwear...A friend said try some padded lycra and since trying them i do prefer them much nicer to ride in than the baggies..


    I have been wearing underwear under my lycra, kind of defeating the point of having padded lycra. I have been told by everyone they should be used with out underwear and i can vouch they are more comfortable with out underwear on. I wear underwear to keep the shorts fresher longer, the underwear catches the sweat so less is absorbed into the pads. I also wipe down there or shower after each ride, and change underwear.

    BUT on a 5 day a week commute the shorts with no underwear get minging fast..So I'm after solutions to try and keep them fresh and reduce the bacteria that will be growing in the pad. Meaning i can wear them everytime with out underwear with out worrying about getting Jock itch or developing anything else unpleasant down there. Sadly I can't wash my short everyday, and I can't afford to have many pairs ( i have two pairs already)

    Is there any like 'jock fresh' sprays out there i can spray on the pads after wearing them?

    What does everyone else do?

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    Some pads are worse for that than others. I have a pair of Novara shorts that I got at an REI sale that are my most comfortable, favorite mountain bike shorts...but they get funky after just a couple commutes. I have a couple other pairs that have a slightly different pad in them that can go for a long time before getting funky. Luck of the draw with different materials in my experience.

    Why not wash them every couple days?
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    I have a bunch of chamois short liners that I wear under my shorts. I generally wash the liner after each ride because I sweat a lot on my commute. I've built up enough of a liner inventory that I just rotate through them over the week. The repeated washing tends to wear out the elastic and when that happens I chuck them and look around for a good deal and buy new ones. For example, I have bought these on amazon and they are comfortable: Pearl Izumi Men's Liner Short: Clothing

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    Yeah, +1 for short liners rather than padded shorts.

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    PI under short liners with padding work really well. Theyre washable as well. I just hang mine out side over night to dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrm View Post
    Theyre washable as well. I just hang mine out side over night to dry.
    Doesn`t Lycra dry super fast? A lot of people on the touring forums use a total of two pair- wear one, give a quick hand wash every night, and hang from a strap on panniers or in a mesh bag the next day.

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    Wait, so you wear them for 5 days straight without washing them? Buy more pairs and just wear them 1 day.

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    Dude...wash those shorts. And buy enough that you can rotate AT LEAST every day or two. Unwashed shorts create some pretty unsanitary conditions. Regardless of how much sweat you THINK your undies absorb, it's not enough to make much difference.

    Frankly, I'd rather ride in clean synthetic boxer briefs than to wear chamois that hasn't been washed in a week. And I do occasionally go that route when my bike shorts are dirty and I need something to wear.

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    I try to wear new clean shorts every day plus on rainy days it's nice to pack an extra pair for the ride home because pulling on wet shorts feels nasty. It adds to my laundry...

    In terms of shorts BIB style cycling shorts are much more comfortable then other styles it also helps to get a really good brands of shorts because the cheap ones seem to wear out faster and are not as comfortable.

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    Lycra..yes but the pads take over night..hence the statement.

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